Breakfast Ideas



  • Boo Hoo...

    My recently departed Granny always used to have leftover homemade crumble or fruit pie in the fridge, and whenever I used to go and see her (as a child or an adult) the first thing I used to do when I went to see her was made a beeline for the fridge - by the time she could get the words 'Theres some pie in the fridge' out - I usually had the dish, a spoon and the evapourated milk out already!
    Thank you for reminding me of this lovely memory....
  • cold curry from the night before in a couple of samdwiches with yofu on top...
  • Breakfast, YUM my favourite meal of all. I *love* granola, I've often gone to bed looking forward to my morning bowl of granola for breakfast. Okay, now you know I'm sad.
    As far as filling breakfasts go, I swear by porridge, fills me right up, all the way to lunchtime. :o)
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