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Can anyone help me here? I have a garmin 305, and when I try to download the garmin schedules to my PC, a file appears in my documents, but the .WKT bit doesn't seem to get recognised. When I go to import schedules in training centre, the file doesn't even appear in documents. What do I do? Please help.


  • Click on the import workout menu from the "File"  drop down menu.When the window open look at the bottom of the screen.Under File Name there is a window marked "Files of Type" with a little arrow on the right hand side.Click on this and you should have a selection including files with wkt extension.

  • Is there a way to get this to work for macs?
  • From what I understand Garmin are working on making their schedules Mac compatible at the moment. I'm happy to check with them.

    Dan RW

  • straitjacket, thanx very much for your help. I now have downloaded some schedules on to my watch successfully. Cheers.
  • I couldn't get the wkt file to work with my Mac so had to download it on my laptop. Now that it is there I would ideally like to transfer the workout in my Garmin Training Centre into either my Outlook calendar or my iCal calendar on the Mac. Does anyone know if this is possible or is it a case of manually typing in each individual workout into my calendar? Would welcome some advice as marathon training starts week on Monday! Nic
  • There is a thread on here somewhere,in which somebody found a way around the Mac compatibility issue, I'll try and find it, works fine for me now on my Mac.
  • Thanks for that, will try tomorrow.

    Do you have an answer to the Outlook calendar issue?? Do I have to re-type each entry or is there a way of importing the wkt file into Outlook?
  • I don't believe that's possible at all.
  • Is it possible to transfer them onto the 405? image
  • Any WKT file can be used on a 405.
  • I have Garmin Training Centre version 3.4.3, if I select 'file', 'import', I dont get the option 'sessions', or 'files of type'. I get the options , 'Forerunner Logbook','workouts','history','courses'and  'all'. I dont appear to be able to import a .wkt file. I have a 305. Can anone help?
  • I am also using Windows XP..
  • i am sorted.
  • Gah, I'm having problems here, can anyone help? I can get the script to run, but Training centre then says "The file /Users/matt/Documents/rwschedule.tcx is an invalid Training Center XML file and could not be opened."

    Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Stupid bloody Garmin and their PC only policies >image' />(
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    Another issue. As the garmin ready schedules don't work on Macs, and I'm doing a  three runs a week one, I created my own in Training Center and scheduled it. But when I transfer it to the Garmin only a third of the runs (the ones on Tuesdays) copy over. Anyone know why?

  • Sorry about that code....that's what happens when you cut and paste from Word image
  • where can i download wkt
  • I am trying to download a half marathon schedule on my PC. When I  download the wkt file I am unable to open it and also unable to import it to my Garmin training centre. I am using a PC with windows XP. Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this?



  • Open Garmin Training Centre, under File choose import, choose workouts, navigate to where the file is (Make sure you select .wkt files in the dropdown Files of Type box, click open. (I always download to desktop so that I can find things. If its not there look in My documents.)

    After that it should work. You should be asked if you want to include the files in your calendar.

  • Hi can anyone help me here please? I have a 405 and have downloaded the half marathon schedule. It has all downloaded ok via the Training Centre version 3.4.3 and uploaded to the Garmin

    I have set my Max Heart Rate at 180BPM and the schedule tells me to run at 79-84% of MHR. However it then tries to keep me in a band of between something like 156 and 162. I work 162 out to be 90%. I have checked the Garmin and 180max heart rate is shown in the profile.

    Is there something I don't understand about the Garmin?


  • Gary 

    Are you sure the schedule is looking at MHR% (Heart rate / Max Heart Rate * 100) not WHR% (working Heart Rate)?

    Working Heart Rate is "Max Heart Rate - Resting Heart Rate" and Working Heart Rate % is ((Heart Rate - Resting Heart Rate / Max Heart Rate - Resting Heart Rate)*100)

    Assuming your Max Heart Rate = 180, you are correct in that 162 is 90% of 180

    but if look at WHR (assume your resting heart rate is entered as 62 and Max Heart rate is 180) your working heart rate is 116 (180-64), using this WHR a heart rate of 162 would be 84% ((162-64/180-62)*100)

     Clear as Mud?


  • I think the Garmin HR workout goes by what you have set your Max HR to be and does not take into account the resting rate, so if you say 180 then 84% will be 151 so check the workout before downloading Garmin Schedules 
  • Also check your profile settings in Training Centre (Center)! It could be that there is a difference between your 405 profile settings and your T C software.
  • Thanks for all your responses - On the Garmin Schedules it says either choose the Hear Rate Version or the Pace version. If unsure choose Pace.

     So being new to this actual "training" idea and having only been running for a year or so i thought i'd go with the Pace version. So I don't know why it then tries to keep me within a certain HR zone? Or am i just being dense?

    Am I best off downloading a Heary Rate Version and using that.

    Cheers, Gary

  • Did you check your profile settings in Training Centre? To see if there is a default max heartrate which disagrees with your max that you inputted into your watch profile?

    Like the pace schedules, heart rate training will ask you to run in a zone as you will find it impossible to run at a fixed pace, or a fixed heart rate. Hills, wind, time, passers-by, traffic, etc etc means that you will be varying your pace somewhat (and therefore your heartrate) The zones are good because you can slacken off to the bottom of the effort or push on to the top, depending on how you're feeling and whether or not there's a babe running towards you (coz you'll puff your chest up and run quicker) So pace training will put you in zones too. 

  • Hi Dominic,

    Yep I checked the profile settings and both the Training Centre and Garmin match. I think Thomas's explanation of WHR maybe valid as I have a resting HR of 60. I'm going to do a few tests and see if i can get to the bottom of it.

    I always wondered why the HR went up out of the zone when running towards a babe!


  • Do these files only work with Garmin Training Centre? Or can I use them with Connect too?
  • This thread started out talking about Garmin Training Center on Macs not being able to import RW marathon schedules (.wkt files).

    I've banged on about this for ages and recently posted on the Garmin forums.

    It appears .wkt files can now be imported into GTC on Macs.

    Here's a link to the thread where I was told it was now possible:

    Garmin forums

    I can't try it until next weekend but if anyone wants to give it a go, please let me know if it works.


  • I have the same question! Anybody know if the Marathon Training plans work with Garmin Connect?


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