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  • In case any Mac users had missed this, the latest beta version of Garmin Training Center for Macs recognises .wkt files.

    Import the file then send to device. No problem. 

  • when I try to transfer the marathon schedule to my 405 it tells me that I am trying to transfer more workouts than my device will support and that I need to select the workouts I want to send without exceeding 100%. Unfortunately this isn't possible.... Anyone else come across this?



  • Scratch that, I was just being thick...
  • Spartacles, as you appear to be the fount of all knowledge re macs and the forerunner, can you help me? I have the sub 4 Garmin ready schedule on my mac and have exported the workouts to my device. When I fire up the Forerunner on any given training day, I have to select the appropriate workout from a list of 65 workouts. Is that normal or should the Forerunner 'know' what workout I am supposed to be doing on any given day without me having to select it...?
  • Hi anybody using a 305 know what brisk 3m wu/cd means ?

    or 1.5m x 3 fast sr ?


  • @Joe Bond - on my schedule (sub 3h15m marathon) "Brisk 3m wu/cd" means a 1 mile warm-up at 5m20s, then three miles at 6m40s/mile, then a 1 mile cool-down at 5m20s.

    "1.5m x 3 fast sr" gives me a 1 mile warm-up, then 1.5m fast (4m30s I think) then a slow recovery (400m?) three times, then a 1 mile cool-down.

    If you load them on to your 305 you can check in more detail by hitting "Mode", selecting "Training", "Workout", find the workout by browsing through by "Date", hit enter, then "Edit Workout".  That'll show you the steps in the workout.  To exit without altering the workout just hit "Mode" again.

  • Does anyone know if the running plans are also correct for the Garmin 310XT??

    And if they do, which would be the best plan to get?? 

    I have just signed up for the Brathay Windermere run and was getting a 310XT when I get back from currently being abroad.  All help is appreciated as it is all for charity.



  • Has anyone tried these plans on the new X10 series of devices (110, 210, 410)? 

    I need to buy a garmin to use thse plans but I would rather get one fo the 2010 models.


  • Can anyone help? I'm trying to import one of the RW marathon schedules to my Garmin 405 and failing miserably image I've managed to import it to Garmin Training Centre, but whenever I try "send to device" I just get "there is a problem communicating with your device, check it is connected and try again". But I know it is connected because I can transfer data to the computer no problem.

    There is probably a simple way of doing this but I'm not very good with technology! Any advice would be welcome, thank you. image

  • Are people still using these farming schedules? I have downloaded in my 305 and everything seems to be fine apart from I am now unable to get my watch to auto lap at a mile when I'm doing the steady , easy runs etc! I always used to have auto lap turned on before I used one of these training schedules on my watch. When I went on a steady run I was expecting it to auto lap but it didn't. I have tried turning the option off then back on again but it's really not working. Bit annoying as I always like to see how each mile went once finished. 

    Any help be much appreciated.  

  • Bloody auto correct. Should read garmin not bloody farming
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