OK, first the boring background:-

30 years ago I had a hammer 2nd toe corrected, this has been giving me increasing pain over the past year (dorsal surface, around MTPJ) and I'm awaiting NHS biomechanical assessment to see if modifying my current orthotics will help. If not, then it looks as if osteotomies will be on the cards.

For the past 6 weeks or so I've been getting pain under both 1st met heads. This really started after an off-road 5k where the ground was frozen solid.  It feels like a deep bruise and there is corresponding plantar tenderness. I have good extension in these toes but dorsiflexing the foot and toe does reproduce the pain. I'm pain free otherwise when not weighbearing. I had an XRay of the right foot about 3 months ago (predating the pain) and it did not show any bony/joint problem.

Things I've done so far include rest, ice, NSAID's, wearing flat shoes always and wearing 'double cushioning' insoles over my orthtotics. I bought shoes 1 size bigger to accomodate this and to ensure that I had plenty of room in the toe box. When I get my biomechanical assessment (2/52 time) I'm hoping that they can do something to help, even though this is not the original problem.

It still hurts just to potter around the house though. Is there anything else  I can try??


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    Boinging in the hope of some advice.  image
  • Can't help Sluggie, but have a hug anyway. {{{}}}
  • Actually I do have a zimmer frame in the shed  image
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    That could be useful, thanks Limper (although I rather fancy one of those motorised buggy things)!
  • it really depends on the orthotic that you have, creating a relief below the 1st mpj and filling this with a soft cushioned material can help relieve the pressure 
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    Thanks Footman. The 'business'part of my current orthotics stops just past the heel, the rest is just an 'insole' type covering. Hopefully it will be easy to adapt this. I'm hoping they don't tell me that they can't do this cos it is not what I was originally referred for!

    Is there anythng else I can be doing meanwhile? I've taken to wearing shoes around the house most of the time, rather than my customary barefoot and that has helped a bit, I'm just getting a bit impatient though!

  • wearing shoes is a definate + and you could try making a pad which sits under all of your toes /ball of your foot with a cut out to allow the problem area to be suspended, make it out of chiropody fely but only if you understand the shape you are trying to create....don't want you causing any more problemsimage
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    Never was any good at handicraft!
  • then wait till you see the specialist!
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    Sounds like a sensible option - only 10/7 now for the biomechanics. Thanks for your input.
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