lower back stiffness

On occasion I have an early morning run.  Unfortunately, I experience lower back stiffness which comes on part way through the run and becomes increasingly uncomfortable.  I have been able to run through it but it seriously detracts from the run and puts me off going out in the morning.  I do not get this problem if I run later in the day.  Does anybody have any advice on this?


  • Buy a new mattress !

     Alternatively get up earlier and stretch your back several times before you go.

    Lower back pain is a very very common injury, but it is also complex, in that it can be both a sympton of another underlying cause, or be in an of itself the problem.

    I would suggest that it is stiffening up overnight and takes a couple of hours activity to loosen off,  a change of mattress (to orthopaedic or similar) may help.

  • Thanks very much for your reply and suggestion regarding getting a new mattress.  I do have a very high hip waist ratio (tiny waist but womanly hips!).  I wonder if it could be to do with that also.  I struggle to do abs work with my legs extended as I am lordotic - have a spine which curves in significantly at the base.  This means that I take all the stress into my lower back.  I am very restless at night and toss and turn a lot and sometimes do experience lower back discomfort so I think that it would probably help to get a proper orthopaedic mattress when I can afford one.  I will have to do some stretches first - pilates rolldowns and yoga cat stretches might be helpful before I go.  Thanks again for your help!
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