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The daily view is great for making me actually commit and do it, but I am left wondering what structures people are using in the schedule and at what stages they are at.

This is probably because I am only in a build basic endurance and strength stage which can be very boring when reported on a daily basis.

I thought perhaps a monthly - where we are, where we want to be by month end either as a thread on its own or in the daily report on the first or last day of the month.

So for me
current position - built weekly milage to 15 and 4 runs per week.
Target for August - 4 solid weeks at 15 miles as a base on which to build a race program on.

Just a thought.


  • Sounds a good idea. I'm just coming back after a marathon. I've just about finished the base level - 4x a week, about 30 miles total. Next couple of weeks, i want to re-introduce the tempo runs with the fast guys once a week which will raise the mileage to around 35-37 a week, then at the end of August i'll be ready for the rest week before the Great South Run on 8th Sept. That's the plan anyway.
  • MinksMinks ✭✭✭
    Good idea Mij. My current position is that I did my first ever race (5K) in June, finishing in 26 minutes which I thought was acceptable (for me) but room for improvement. Currently aiming to both build up weekly mileage gradually to be able to run a decent 10K, and also to improve speed both in 5K and ultimately 10K distances. Had planned on consolidating my training schedule with another 5K (Flora Light Womens' Challenge) and the Nike Run London 10K, both in September. Will now have to rethink this as Flora 5K is day after my brother's 30th and as I want to improve on last time I don't think a late night and a hangover are likely to help my cause (!). The Nike run is in the middle of the two weeks' holiday I've booked in September. Typical! So new plan is to get move to north London out of the way (if it ever happens!) then join the local running club (they organised the Race for Life I did in June) and enter some 5 and 10K races via them.
  • Yes, I like this idea mij.

    Soo. I have just signed up for a half on 20 Oct. And I want to do a tri (400m,20K,5K) on 22 Sept.

    I'm somewhat stumped for training schedules (I progress too slowly for anything but get you round, and that starts too far back, and again makes too fast progress.) However, I am trying to sneak up on longer distances (>6m) and I am trying to vary my pace a bit. The idea is to try for 4-5 sessions a week, 3 of them my 3m route, on which I try to play games with pace, one 6m run/walk, and or a longer run/walk. A faster pace would be useful in the tri (definitely not in the half) and the experience "running" more than 2hours and not being dead at the end of it will be useful in the half.

    I'd love it if anybody had even advice, or suggestions on how to draft a schedule.

    Of course, fate has a nasty habit of sticking in its oar, usually to set progress back by at least a fortnight.

    I would find it bitterly discouraging at the moment to set any targets for improvement. I spend too much time off even now entertaining the lurgy. Better for now simply to do what I can when I can.

    I am reasonably confident that if I don't try for time in the tri, I will finish it happily, and if I walk lots early on, the half will not be an unpleasant experience, even at my present level.

    Happy "running" Marj

  • Hi Marj. You asked about how to set a programme. What i do is find one on the web (there are several sites - RW, kicksports, onrunning, halhigdon, etc) that aims for what i am aiming for, then adjust it.
    Example: say i want to do a 10k race in Mid-October. I find a 10k programme for my level (say beginner) Print it off. See how many weeks it is and how that compares to how many weeks i have to the planned race. Most race schedules are about 8-10 weeks. So i stretch the schedule by adding in an easy week say every third or fourth week. I adjust the weeks mileage either up or down, depending on how i'm progressing. If i feel i'm doing really well by the easy week, then the week after, i stick in an extra few miles/minutes of speedwork and see how that does. If i'm not doing so well, after the easy week, i'll drop a speed session and just make it a steady session.
    Hope this makes sense.
    Happy running,
  • Thanks Dangly,

    I shall clearly have to sit down with a pencil and paper some time. I fear it's going to have to be a three step process. One, figure out what the ideas are behind the printed programme. Two adjust same for my rate of progress, with built in "spare" weeks for disasters. Three, reinterpret into actually training plans.

    Should be fun to plan though. Heaven knows I haven't made a plan that fate or lurgy hasn't scuppered in a very long time.

    Better than just flopping about.

    Thanks, marj
  • What a good idea this is - although I seem to remember posting a "year plan" about 8 months ago and the only thing on it that I achieved was completing the London Marathon. Anyway...

    Where I am now: Drifting and trying to find my way. Doing 12.5 minute miles at a walk-run pace which is more walk than run. Doing weights two or three times a week. Cross-training a bit. Five kilos over my best-achieved running weight.

    What I've achieved in July: Started training again and got up to about 25 miles a week. Definitely improved my cardiovascular endurance. Avoided injury. Lost two inches off my waist and chest and put them on my thighs and calves.

    Where I want to be at the end of August: Ready for my first post-FLM race (five miles). Able to do hilly 5K circuit without walking and ideally in under 35 minutes. A kilogram lighter and with a lower percentage body fat (must measure it). Looking at a schedule that will let me do the GNR no slower than my younger, fitter sister. Resisting the temptation to increase my mileage much above its current level.

    Now I shall print this out and stick it on the wall of the shower. Must get Kevin the Teenager to do one too, since she's just told me that she doesn't want to be a kiddy hanger-on at a fancy gym, she wants to join Birchfield Harriers and learn to run. Might be the impetus I need to join them myself.

    Cheers, V-rap.
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