Running on Guilt

In the run up to a race I try to eat lots of carbs - pasta, bagels etc. However the night before I let myself have (well pig out on) chocolate so that come race time I've got carbs for energy and chocolate for guilt to keep me going. Does anyone else have similar routines or am I just a freak!!???


  • I can't understand why people feel guilty about eating chocolate. Especially if you're racing the next day. Personally, i like to rely upon pie power before a race - baking a pie and sharing it with a friend. Eat as much of whatever you want, as long as you're confident that it will give you the energy you need, and then go out there and have a great race. No need for guilt!
  • Not so keen on chocolate before a race, did have a whole packet of Asda milk bottles on my way down to the running club, the third mile in a series of reps nearly had them revisiting my mouth though.
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