Don't buy from On the Run

Nearly a month ago I ordered some shoes from On the Run on the web. Still waiting. No one answers the phone and there are no replies to my e-mails. The web site says they were dispached on the 17th but still no sign. Avoid this site like the plague. I am contacting my credit card to see whether I can have the money refunded from them.


  • folks been saying "avoid on the run" for the last few years!

    "start fitness" - excellent service!

  • There can't be many things more certain on this forum than that there will be another "avoid On the Run" thread along soon.

    I buy most of my stuff from eBay, along with SportsWorld for trainers. My only recent purchase from an online retailer was from Start Fitness...excellent!

  • I recently had to reclaim money from my credit card co. for an order from On The Run which never arrived.  It was a bit of a pain as I had to fill in some forms, write a letter explaining what had happened and supply copies of all the e-mails to show I'd tried to resolve it directly with them (they never replied to any of my e-mails) but after about a month I now have the money credited back to my card.

    Interestingly I went to the On The Run store in St Albans on Saturday afternoon and the shutters were down.  I wonder if they're going out of business?

  • Oh dear. Not another dis-satisfied customer.
  • Why are they still getting away with this?

    I placed an order with Start Fitness, just awaiting delivery - only running one I use online.

  • Yeh I had problems with On The Run, wouldnt never ever ever buy from them again.

    Startfitness, do running and sweatshop are my favs for online.

  • I bought from them on their ebay site without any problems.
  • I ordered shoes from Start Fitness a few days after my first post and they turned up within a week. Cheap too!

  • I waited for months for things I ordered from them, and they weren't very good when they did arrive!  They also never reply to emails.
  • Yep I had problems with them too over some trainers, complete gash is all I can say. What I would like to know is how they are still in business????
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