• Fair comment , although id at least expect a response please return and we will exchange for a new pair.
    Oh, I thought they had asked you to return them.

    If you decide to return them maybe write a letter and send a copy to Saucony too.  And make sure you get a proof of despatch from courier/post office.

    Or you could patch up the shoes with tape and just write it off as a bad experience.  Painful I know.

    I've got several pairs of Saucony shoes, but only run on the road, never had any problems but I don't run off road.
  • I have bought some trainer goo to try and a patch. Ive looked online alot and it looks like my big toes rubbing when im going down trails. Just really suprised after 2 months the material has worn through already?!
    Kev - I think that can be a fairly common problem for some runners.    Need to make sure your toenails are not sharp.  Maybe thicker socks too?

    I had a pair of shoes that were damaged on the heel tab, I used to tape them up with Kinesio tape and was able to continue to use them.  I had to replace the tape now and then.   Just wondering if duct tape would do the job too. 

    Next pair maybe look for ones with a roomier toe box.
  • Thanks! I am a predominant road runner where ive never burst trainers with my big toes. Hence new to trail running im guessing it’s rubbing while going downhill at speed.

    funny you mention a roomier toe area as when the sauncony mad rivers arrived I felt they were running large to the size?! 
    I don't have any trail shoes but I do have a few pairs of Saucony shoes, the Guides and the Rides I do find the toe box a little snug.   

    I guess it's the height in the toe box you need more than the length.

    I agree you would expect the trail shoes to be far more robust than a road shoe
  • Have you tried a direct warranty claim with Saucony?
    I had problem with Salomons bought through Sportshoes and eventually sorted it with a direct warranty claim to Salomon. Only needed to send photos to support claim and it was accepted.
    Worth a check in case they do same.
  • I did consider contacting Saucony over the holidays directly, might do that !

    i did the same when less year old ON cloudflow started bursting and ON changed them immediately 💪🏼👍🏻
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