Sports nutrition books

Can anyone recommend a good general sports nutrition book.

My eating habit is 'when I'm hungry' and 'what I fancy'.

I know I'm generally low on iron, but don't think I know much about food or eat properly for the training I do.

Good reference guide would help make me a bit more 'food-wise'.

Thanks, Mitts image


  • I have an Anita Bean one which is quite good

  • Ahh, Meldy - where you been?


  • I've got the Anita Bean one - it's been recommended on a couple of nutrition courses I've been on. It's the Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition, published by A&C Black, ISBN 0-7136-5389-2, although there might be a more recent edition (mine is 3rd)
  • Another vote for Anita Bean. And the bonus is you also save money as the recipes are cheap!
  • Just won a copy on eBay for £4.50.

    More energy here we come image

  • Right, I've read my Anita Bean one......... any other suggestions?
  • Read it again image
  • I'm getting really helpful replies tonight image

  • Sorry image

    I don't know any other sports nutrition books.  I think Anita Bean is about as good as it gets.

  • Yep, there is just the one book. 
  • Anita Bean too...
  • Ta.

    My bro (who's very into the subject) didn't rate her book - that's why I wondered if there was anything else.

  • Why didn't he rate her book? I'm very much into the subject, having lost an awful lot of weight, and found the advice and the science behind it very sound. I'm not sure another book would add to anyone's knowledge unless you're really into the body chemistry aspects of nutrition (and then you're probably looking at high end academic texts).
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