The Harvel 5



  • Yes great run - met fellow hashers there and actually shaved 2 mins off last year's time (no huge acheivement given my speed!!)
  • It was good run although it was really muddy in parts. I was slipping and sliding all over the place, running like I had something to drink already. There were a couple of runners I wasn't too pleased about splashing in the puddles. One old guy trying to cut across and splashing through a big puddle and later on at about 3 miles, some club runner splashing everywhere without any consideration for the guys he was passing. I got nicely soaked, thanks...

    Other than that nicely scenic venue. image 

  • Whats a little mud between friends.....

    Glad you enjoyed it Sis....see you soon and have a great birhtday yourself on Thursday.

    Lynn .x. 

  • Ironman and all at HHHH-thanks and congratulations for putting on a fantastic race !

    I first entered in 1999 and you've managed to create a race that is really great fun and genuinely different !

    I'll save the rest of the compliments for the "ratings" page,but you fully deserve the great turnout yesterday and I look forward to reading the review in "Runner's World".

    The muddy conditions certainly made it different (I remember 1 or 2 years when the Country Park section was a "dustbowl") and in defence of the "splashers"-sometimes that's the only way to keep your footing when you run straight into a really wet,muddy section.

  • Thank you for all you comments

    I wasn't expecting 600 runners !  .... but we coped ... just about ! 

     I thought the Police did an excellent job this year, especially considering the number of runners ... and our marsahals did thier normal good support

    Another hot day in Harvel

    Roll on 2009 !!

    On On


     PS draft results now on website and race photos on

  • That was brilliant i loved the mud it added humour to the run i found it in my eyebrows afterwards lol. It has to be my favourite run so far and i will definately enter next year. Thanks to all who organised it and well done.
  • My 3rd year of running this and it was just as good as ever! Slick organisation but low-key, its a serious event that never takes iteself too seriously!

    Well done to everyone who organised it, its an event every local runner needs to have in their diary.

    Managed to beat last year's time, just, despite the slightly slippery conditions.

    Roll on the N.Downs next week, see lots of you there.image

  • Great stuff guys, this is my no 1 fave race.  Can't wait til next year. 

    Really enjoyed the puddles image  Had great fun splashing through them image

    Happy birthday Lynn and SWB for Thursday

  • Yes - agree - another great one. Always well organised, friendly & fun.

     Special this year - my 16 year old lad ran his first race. I paced him all the way around and we were doing fine until about 300 metres from the finish line - little swine pulled out a blistering turn of speed and left me for dead. Pocket money reduced this week, obviously.......

    Well done HHHH - looking forward to next year.

  • Yes thanks HHHH - great organisation and marshals.  Thanks for the down down - even managed to avoid the worst of the shiggy (mud to the rest of you)!!
  • Thank you for all your comments ... .we try our best to make it both a serious race for the front runner and fun race for all

    Hope to see you all next year

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