SaabSalomon Turbo-X Trails, Poppyhill

Well, I'm game for a laugh, so this sounds spot on. The free tech tee swung for me though. Any one else up for it?


  • I am - missed it last year as was away - did it year before - I run in those woods all the time (well some of the route is in the firing range so not that bit obviously)!
  • Good o. Shame u cant run through the shooting range though. I imagine it would takes minutes off of your PB!
  • This will be slightly different - and harder - than last years Poppyhill run since it has joined the ranks of the Turbo X series - so there will be an additional mile or so of rougher, and depending on the kind of summer we have,  wetter and muddier running, through the Turbo X challenge zone.....
  • Sounds good Mike. Keep up the hard work.
  • Me and the dogs ran through that bit yesterday morning.....image
  • Ah a born survivor. Nice to get in somewhere off the norm isn't it.
  • its not normally 27degrees on a trail run over here though.....poor dogs in their fur coats.....
  • If its as good as the Turbo X at Martinique I can't wait.  That one was brilliant even for a slowbie at the back like me
  • Too true, Lazybones - I've never done anything like the Martinique before, but I'm hooked now.

    Something about the hills, the mud, the water, the pong image ... probably only bog-snorkelling comes close.

    One piece of advice for other newbies - don't wear anything white.  I learned that the hard way...   

  • Footslog, I guess we will have to meet at HELLRUN then. It's just up the road from Martinique and slightly muddier. Steeper, and hillier. Right up our street mate.
    Just done the Seaford half marathon today, and cant beleive their hills!!!! I'm totally shot at the mo. My hammies are strung to say the least. Great run.
    See ya.
  • I too am doing this event, looking forward to it as i like the trail, off road side of things having previously done nearly all my running on the road. This event is a bit of fun in prep for Beachy Head Marathon in Oct.
  • Hey Muttley 2, didn't catch your post until now.  A couple of people mentioned Hellrun to me at Martinique, but I dunno anything about it. Sounds proper hard core though... Poppyhill may be more hills than mud, but it 'll still be a laugh if as well-run as Martinique (though my calf muscles will say different afterwards!).

    Mr Immune - if the Beachy Head marathon route goes straight up the cliff from the beach, I think this run might be ideal preparation!image  



  • Hi Footslog. The thing with hellrun is it's meant to be fun. Some people dress up in funny gear I.e last year we had angels and fairies and even a couple who just got married running in their wedding oufits along with bridesmaids and a vicar! The ones at the front take it more serious and for them the course is quite hard. For us at the back it's all about jumping in puddles up to your kneees and swimming in bogs. You pays your money, you makes your choice.
  • Thanks Footslog - I will pack my crampons just in case. image

    Muttley 2 - Jumping in puddles and swimming in bogs = mucho fun

  • Hi all what shoe would you recommend for this course:-

    old road shoes or new trail shoes.....

  • depends on the weather. would never recommend new shoes for this type of event. ran hell down south the last 2 years and managed to chuck both pairs of old shoes away after each event! however i suspect this will be less mud seen as it is in september. will probably enter as am also doing beachy head marathon

    good luck nutters 

  • I'd ditto that - Following Grim last year my trainers walked themselves to the bin - worth popping on an old pair and treating yourself to a new pair afterwards. I'm all signed up - haven't run an off road race this long before although I have done half marathons any training tips for it other than lots of running up and down muddy hills??!
  • I find that you are better using non-trail shoes for these type of races - if you can do without the extra grip, the vented nature of road shoes allows the water to exit pretty quickly, whereas a semi-water tight trail shoe soon weighs about 1kg ! Almost tempted to drill holes in sole! Not sure where they will find that much mud and water in September - even with all the rain recenlty its pretty dry down there - even my 2 labs are struggling to find water!
  • Is this a good event for ancient plodders? I've done Beachy Head 5 times (slowly and very slowly!) and it sounds as if it might be useful. It's alos right on my oorstep. Advice / suggestions welcome. How much mud is there anyway?
  • Sorry for the typos in the first message! Didn't have my glasses on!
  • Good prep for Beachy Head I'd have said though of course you don't get the mud there - just those bl***y Seven Sisters.  Was really enjoying it (in my slow way of course) last year until left the Country Park and started the Sisters - rutted, stoney and either vertically up or down with no respite in between!!

    Don't know how much mud at Poppyhill as not done it before.  Did  Martinique and have done several Hellrunners.  Martinique you had to go through some deepish water but wasn't that much mud which is not something you can say for HR with its bog and lake!  

  • I'm in training for this at 80% mhr.  I'm having a little trot round Windsor Great Park the week before at 80% mhr - as advised by my osteopath as I'm on long term recovery for my achillies problem.  Oh, ok the Windsor Half Marathon to give it it's full name.  Then after a weeks' recovery and active recovery to get ready for this I'll be there with trail shoes on for this cross country run.  I understand Poppy Hill is on land around the Military Academy/Staff College in Sandhurst.  Correct ?  Do we get joining instructions when our race number comes prior to the race ?
  • What is it with me? Every time I feel comfortable with my running, times start improving, my HR lowers, breathing gets sorted out etc, etc, I get a stupid injury. The muscle in the back of my knee seems to have gotten a strain or something and is really sore, tight and my knee feels all puffy inside. Anyone got a spare knee out there, or is Ebay the place to look?
  • The only 'sisters' I have run up and down are near Caesar's Camp at Aldershot.  They are several steep inclines about 100 feet in length with nothing but rutted sand a pebbles underfoot.  Run up one, trot along the top of the bank run down the next one, run along the bottom of the bank, run up the next one...and repeat until all are done.  I don't know exactly how many are there as they are just known as the sisters.  There could be about 8 of them - who's counting when you're out of breath with your personal trainer two arms lengths in front of you !
  • May I also say that I did 6.5miles cross country this morning.  It took me an hour and 20 minutes, which is about right for my present level of fitness.  On 12 October I am doing the Royal Parks half marathon.  One training session feeds into another.  I'm trying to dare myself to do the Hell Run on 16 November, prior to the last Turbo X for the year on 23 November.
  • Hi all,

    I've just seen this event and am really up for it, however, I have no trail running experience, any idea for shoes (currently in asics GT 21-30s, mildly overpronate and they're 2 months old).  I'm going to get some prep in doing some trails at Chobham common, got a month to go and 10 miles on road is easy in 1 hr 13mins, what sort of times would you expect for me for this race?  I run roads through windsor great park so not unexperienced in hills. 

     Any help here would be much appreciated!

  • Hi Joe,

    I do trail running in Brooks Glycerin 6, they are stability shoes & good for my gait.  I also wear adidas swoop for grip when doing outdoor circuit training.  I was at Windsor Great Park yesterday, ok I was in the Fox and Hounds with my husband but hey, it was the bank holiday.  I glanced at the trails on Chobham Common & they looked good for running but I would get lost.  I wil run 7 miles cross country tonight as part of my training schedule near home.  I did the Great South Run last year - 10 miles round Portsmouth and it took me 1hr 58.   Estimate over an hour for The turbo X.  I don't know if they are going to talk it up with regard to the terrain but it's in Berkshire not the Himalayas ! 

  • Hi Joseph, 

    If the Martinque X-Trail is anything to go by you will trash your shoes, so you may want to use an older pair... I wore newish trail shoes which were OK, though their waterproofing works against you when the shoe is full of water/mud.  Easy to clean afterwards though.  I run about 1:40 for a half - Martinique took me nearly 1:30. That was partly because I took it steady not knowing what to expect.  There are no mile markers, so it's difficult to judge your time, and the atmosphere seems to be less about pace, more about enjoying the event.  I wasn't disappointed with my time - it's nothing like road-running.  Good luck!.           

  • Thanks Debbie and Footslog,

     I think i'll buy some trail shoes, my road shoes aren't old enough to trash yet so it'll be a trip to sweatshop, Teddington on saturday I think. 

    Thanks again for the advice and good luck to you both in your training and the event itself!

  • Hi Debbie F,

    I am also doing the Windsor half the week before.  I have never done a race like this trail running so I hope it will be interesting!  I don't have any trail shoes either. May invest in some beforehand or use some old trainers??

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