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  • Hi Leisha H,

    Thinking about it I will probably run it in my normal running shoes - Brooks Glycerin 6, for Windsor Half and for the Turbo X.  My trail shoes - Adidas Swoop, are not stability shoes and won't give me what I need over a half marathon and ten mile cross country route.  I train cross country so I don't think my shoes will get that trashed.  I dropped my Garmin 201 this morning and it broke boo hoo ! 

  • Debbie,

    I can recommend the Garmin 405 for your next watch.  I have had it since it came out and I LOVE it!!  Do you live local to Windsor?

  • helly dhelly d ✭✭✭

    As I'm already signed up for the November one (and doing Beachy) I'm quite tempted to go for this one too.

    Is there anyone else coming down by train to share a cab with? 

    Shoewise I'm going with what I know which is my cheapy trail shoes I bought for Hellrunner, presuming they would get trashed. They're still going strong, I use them any time  I think I'll be doing downhills.

  • Turbo-X time again - yay! see you all there (Hi LB!)
  • Just to let you all know that we posted out the race instructions and numbers today. The route has been blessed by this horrible rain and there are more waist deep bogs than we were expecting for this time of year - and the hills haven't got any smaller.

    Please note that we can't start at Poppyhill this year because the area is triple-s i and it is the change over week from restricted to less restricted - so they don't want the vehicles parked there although you runners are OK to run over it.

    The start is now in the centre of Bracknell Forest and the access is along a roughish track off the A322 Bagshot/Bracknell Road - it is Ok for most standard vehicles but those with sports cars will need to drive very carefully.

  • is it tooooooooooooo late to enter. wasn't sure if my fitness was going to be upto it but then I thought stuff it have a go anyway . managed hellrunner ok just got to up my miles a bit
  • triple-s i - wassat then Mike?
  • Still OK to enter I Can't Keep Up!


    It means site of special scientific interest - the Dartford Wabbler nests there until end of Sept and there is concern about a floating spider (our event last year at Poppyhill was second w/end of Oct and we didn't have any problems).

    The crazy thing is that the army can go anywhere yet we can't drive a few cars on main tracks.   

  • floating spider, hidden wabbler?

    yup, I enjoyed the event at Poppy Hill last year but it was very dry - looking forward to the mud this time image
  • It will be a race of two halves - in football speak - most of the first half over at Poppyhill is still dry and gravelly heathland and the second half in Bracknell Forest swampy - my colleague nearly dissappeared in one bit when we were planning the route.
  • is there going to be some good places for the family to watch the looneys sorry I mean runners getting muddy is it spectator freindly
  • It is - the Turbo X start will be close to the start finish area and is where the first swamps are located - the run goes out to Poppyhills training area and then back to the start area before going off again to the swamps.

    There's going to be a 3km kids fun run as well - which hasn't been well publicised yet.

  • Hang on a minute!!  When I signed up for this type of event, I expected water, mud, hills but floating SPIDERS!!!??  Can we not get someone in to get rid of all insects and unwanted animals before hand?  How big exactly are these spiders?
  • I've been over there hundreds of times and haven't seen anything smaller than a deer - they are apparently in open water which scuppered us taking you across the edge of Mill Pond, which we now go no where near - so don't panic if you have a fear of spiders, you won't see one.  
  • Thank goodness for that!  I had visions of being waist deep in water with spiders crawling up my chest.  That would be one way to get my PB time.  Lol.
  • Right I'm in !! must be mad but sounds like to much fun to miss out on . can the kids enter the fun run on the day ? not sure the wife will fancy getting that dirtyimage but who knows LOL.

  • Oh well, what with spiders no smaller than deer floating around and residents of Dartford warbling in the bushes it's a shame that i'm having to pull out, as I have apparently got an ACL injury in my knee, hence I cant even walk without pain. Hope you all have a good time. See you around. Happy running all.
  • Sorry to hear you have to pull out Mutley.

    The kids can enter on the day I CAN'T KEEP UP!

  • ok thanks mike don't surposse you know how much of hand

    nightmare about the knee muttley good excuse to put your feet up though

  • £8 for the kids and they get a Salomon tech t-shirt worth double that.  
  • ICKU, unfortunately I planned to put my feet up later in the year after the Run to the beat half and the Great South. Now, I'm finding it really frustrating, especially after my long lay off at the start of the year fopllowing a fractured shin! There's always next year.
  • fopllowing a fractured shin ouch !! nightmare must admit I was out running a few months ago and my ankle stated to realy hurt so I hobbled home and left it a couple of days and it was fine . went out tuesday and did 9.5 miles and no prob. hope you are not layed up to long just don't rush it these things can realy be frustrating I will keep my fingers crossed for you .
  • Cheers mate. I don't hold out too much hope at the mo as I had an ACL reconstruction done 12 years ago and was told that it may only last 10 years before needing some attention. My knee has lost lots of stability and the shin, the opposite to the one I fractured in Feb, seems to be loose and you can move it out of position quite easily from the knee joint. It all, i'm afraid, points to an ACL problem, and that means 3 months of sofa warming at least. What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger, so they say. Best of luck with the run, and watch your ankle!!!!
  • Nightmare mate. Well we will all probably be wishing we were at home on the sofa when we have finished the tubo X zone. mind you if they gave you 10 years and it lasted 12 thats very good , they normally give you 10 years and they last 10 months instead. mate of mine had his knees do this year and he hobbles more now than he did befor he looks like it aged him poor bloke. I will be taking it easy and whatching the ankle i'm sure it will hold up ok touching big bit of woodimage. and you are right if it don't kill us and all that . hope you make a speedy recovery mate.

    Mike £8 for the kids thats a blinding price just got to convince them to have a go now see you all there

  • Thanks ICKU. Enjoy the X zone. Your mates experience doesn't exactly fill me with hope! The last time I had the op done it took me about 6 months in total before things felt good, so give him some time and he'll hopefully be up and running. see ya.
  • Don't worry, my mate didn't listen to the docs advise and was up on his feet much to early. now he is paying the price for not listening. I'm sure you are a bit more sensible, and try and enjoy the rest you will soon be back on your feet.

     never done one of these turbo X runs so can't wait I'm just going to take it nice and steady and try and enjoy it as much as possible. don't think the wife will let me back in the car afterwards probably have to run home at the end as well LOL.

  • I'm looking forward to this mad and exciting race !  Thanks for the warnings about the swamp, Mike !  I pulled out of the first Turbo X back in May because of an achillies problem.  However, I'm ready for this one.  Mike, when should we get our race numbers and instructions ?  I've seen the Military Academy from the road on my way to the Meadows shopping centre, will competitor's vehicles be allowed onto the site to park ?  I've also taken a look at Poppy Hill on a map, there's plenty of trails around it, across it etc.

  • this was the route last year:

    I guess more of the route will be to the north this year, into the forest more.
  • anyone els thinking of taking arm bands and a snorkelimage .been a lot of rain. can't wait if it's half as good as hellrunner it will be fantastic.And I think the kids are up for doing the fun run so happy days all round.see you all there
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