SaabSalomon Turbo-X Trails, Poppyhill



  • I didn't know what I was letting myself in for when I signed up for this, and have been having second thoughts - but the comments from all of you guys have made it sounds like so much fun, that I will definitely be there - although I am still a little worried about the spiders.......

    Never done anything like this before, so just hope I make it back in one piece!

  • you'll love it. when you see the mud, just jump in and forget about finishing in a particular time - it's the best way image
  • Hey Louisa,

    I am in the same boat as you.  I am also taking the advice of mdunn77 and forgetting about the time - I am just going to (hopefully) enjoy it for what it is.  Its good to know that I am not the only novice at this.

  • Jumping in the mud sounds like a good strategy to me  image 

     I spoke to a friend and he advised pretty much the same - he also said that all the mud etc. takes your mind off how far you are running and makes it more fun!! 

    It's nice to know I'm not the only novice Leisa!  Best of luck!

  • We'll be like a pair of kids, splashing around in the puddles (or waist deep) and rolling in the mud.  I just hope it is not too cold.  I would rather have a downpour to add to the fun but be warm.  Best of luck to you too Louisa.
  • careful now - any more talk of you two ladies rolling around in mud together and this event will get massively over-subscribed image
  • Dam it I not running now just spectatingimage
  • Does anyone know if I will get away with road trainers as my trail ones are on there way out the laces are breaking the eyelets might try and and tape them on as well. just don't want to end up running bare foot .

  • ICKU - during the first half you may wish for your trail shoes, but once you hit the bogs there'll be little difference.. your shoes will be muddy, wet and slippy whatever you wear. trail shoes with bigger grips on the soles often collect more mud than road shoes so there's little difference in these sort of races.
  • oh god don't tell me it's NEXT weekend , I think I might need a push the last few miles. can someone please confirm this is 10 miles like it says on here or is it 11/ 12 miles like it says on the turbo x site . I know i'm probley clutching at straws and runners world is wrong oh well whats another 2 lllllllllong miles full of slushy slimmy mud going to do !! think I have a tear in my eye LOL . cant wait I must admit not trained half as much as I should but hey thats half the fun . I really should know beter at 38 but hey bring on the mud !!!!!!!!!! good luck all hope everyone has a good race image 
  • Well, I have just done the Windsor Half yesterday after obviously not enough training!  It was really tough and that didn't have mud or water just lovely road surface.  I am really aching now so I hope it will only be 10 miles, cant back out now as I am doing it with a friend. image
  • The final route is going to be on the longer side of the range - that's all I'm allowed to say as the mystery is all part of the experience image

  • Great, nice easy 12 miles thenimage. Any ideas on whether or not i will need my snorkel???

  • It's pretty wet in the Turbo X zone but I don't think anyone will be over their heads in it image 
  • I did the Windsor Half Marathon slowly yesterday.  My preparation stood me in good stead
  • part 2 of message.......................This means I'm not dead today !   From now on anything less than 13.1 miles has got to be easier !  I had my GPS on and a Windsor mile is about 1.1 regular miles.  See y'all on Saturday.  I'll be wearing regular (Brooks Glycerin 6) running shoes.  I've done the G3 so I'm used to cross country.  If I get through this I'll enter the Hell Run on 16 November.
  • Thanks for the info Mike - Will have Snorkel and Speedos at the ready!!!!!
  • Yeh right Debbie 13.1 miles Equates to around tap tap tap ( thats the sound of my caculator ) 9.89 miles off road in the amount of effort required LOL .So 12 ISH miles comes out about 5000 miles at in road terms. Got my flippers at hand bring on the Turbo X Zone . think I'm getting a dodgy tummy perhaps I maybe lucky and not be able to make itimage 
  • Good news - my colleague has owned up that the route is 17km give or take a bit for Garmins not reading properly under trees.

    If you haven't got a didgy tummy before you will have after - who knows what is at the bottom of the primeval bogs image

  • I did alot of training before the Windsor Half too and I still ache.  Hopefully feel better tomorrow, its just my quads, feel like I am walking through mud already. image  I think its my fault as I forgot to stretch yesterday and having a 2 week holiday 2 weeks before hand.    Debbie, did you say, see you Saturday - Isn't it on Sunday? I'm sure it is on Sunday.
  • Can't wait mike do you think there might be some  t-rex bone's in the boggy bits  . Think I might play the turn up on saturday card !!! You Girls are mad half marathon last weekend turbo x this weekend whats next week , wish I had the energy

  • 17km - that's not so bad then. I did a 14 mile off road stage in the Round Norfolk Relay on Saturday morning and thanks to my stupid looking skins powersox things my legs aren't in such bad shape post-race for a change.. might have a leg turner or two this week before this, but nothing too serious.
  • Nutters the lot of you !!!!
  • Yeah, Sunday 28 September it is.  Do we get our race numbers on the day as mine hasn't arrived in the post yet.  What are the parking arrangements ?  Windsor Half Marathon followed by Turbo X on consecutive weekends ?   Psychiatric reports are pending.................

    Also, I'm marshalling at the Extreme Terrain Festival on Saturday 27 September.  Well about as extreme as Hawley Lake near Camberley gets !  I have to be there by 7am latest, which means getting up earlier than I do for work.

    Good luck all !

  • I Rest my case  (nutters). I think 2 races in the same year is a bit extreme LOL.
  • Debbie - numbers have already been sent out, so if you've not had yours, you might want to give 2:09 events a call.
  • mdunn77.  I just did that and I will collect my race number on the day, 2:09 will e-mail race instructions to me.  Get ready for a 10am start !  BTW I can't keep up, on 12 Oct I'm in the Royal Parks Half marathon, there's a 10km cross country on 25 October, then the November and December race programme that I've created for myself will play through.   

  • Hey Debbie

    Your A nutter, wish I had the funds to do that many events (not that I would if i had) like my knees and ankles tooooooooooo much LOL .got my numberimage

  • Only 17km, oh well need to clock up a few miles during the week then as meant to be doing 16miler this weekend.
  • I dream about 116 miler's , sorry I mean I have nightmare's about 16 miler's image
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