SaabSalomon Turbo-X Trails, Poppyhill



  • Good luck mr immune.  What's your re-fuelling plan for this ?  I had a cream cheese and marmite sandwich after running for an hour at the Windsor Half.  Followed by peanuts and raisins an hour later.  What's wrong with a picnic in Windsor Great Park on a Sunday afternoon ?  I drank at the water stations (as well as having my own water) and got the lucozade they were handing out too !  It took me 2hrs 51mins to do the half marathon, 16 miles is even more of a challenge - good on ya !  I'm doing 4 miles tomorrow & Friday as part of taper for the Tubo X.
  • OK, I am a nutter!  It sounded like a good idea while I was sat at my warm cozy desk thinking about what races I could do in the future.  Anyway finished the Windsor in 2:05 which was not as good as I was hoping but will probably finish the Turbo X in 3:45 if I am lucky!  Also have races booked starting 11th Oct for the Chiltern X country league.

     Advice needed:  Do you think it will be ok to wear a garmin watch or not advisable?

    Will there be photos taken that we can purchase?

  • Leisa - I wore my garmin when I did the first Turbo-X in May with no problems. Unless you manage to lose your footing, the mud etc won't be much worse than thigh deep in the worst places so you should be ok.

    Pics - there were during the last one ( I'll dig some links out so you can get an idea of the mud) so I expect there will be again.
  • Thank you.  I would like a photo as a momento of the day even if I dont manage to finish the course.  image

  • here's a great pic rom the May event

  • I'm not going to wear my Garmin watch at the Turbo X, if I stumble in the mud and put my hands out before I fall over, that will be the end of my Garmin.  This is the 2nd Garmin I've had as I accidentally dropped the other one on concrete and the LED display died !  I bought a reconditioned one but I'm bidding on e-bay for a 305 as I fancy an upgrade.   I'll use an old Polar watch.  It's only good for its'  time keeping function as I lost the hrm transmitter when it fell off when I was running.  Once two hours have gone by I should be near the finish line. 
  • The mud might have only been thigh deep for you MD77 but it was a lot higher on me !!
  • well ok, really it was only knee deep for me, so...
  • Heavens I am even shorter than I thought I was - it was over my waist at the last "stream" image 
  • Hi,

    Has anyone an update on the state of the course?  If there are just a couple of muddy puddles with mainly flattish hilly trails, I will probably go for some simple trail shoes. If it is knee high bog and mud throughout the course I will use something a bit more robust like my fell shoes. Any help would be appreciated.



  • I was running there on Sunday.....hardly any puddles at all - trail shoes will be overkill I feel...I would be surprised if they find any real boggy stuff. I wear road shoes in all weathers in the woods there....
  • As far as wearing a Garmin - I struggle to get good GPS tracking in Swinley/Sandhurst woods - so have to rely on footpod......

  • Thanks Andrew,

    But have you seen Mike Gratton messages above (posted on the 1/9). He seems to suggest that there will be lots of mud and bog in the second half- Are you both talking about the same course?


  • I am - but not sure where he has found it - if its in the firing range....then I don't make a habit of running in there..... image
  • Does that mean that trail shoes would not be a good idea?  I just bought a pair! image
  • I'm sure the muck will be there might bring my ownimage Hey Leisa I would not waste a new pair of trail shoes on an event like this!! they will never be the same again I'm just wareing my old road shoes then binning them afterwards as with my shorts and socks . image only a few days looks like then weather is going to be nice as well happy days
  • Help missed the entry deadline.  Anyone know someone who has dropped out and I will buy their entry off them or is this a big no, no?  I'll be honest and upfrontimage.
  • I think muttly2 has dropped out you could try and see if he wants to get rid of his entry .good luck all
  • I'm off down to try and get a route preview this afternoon - the dogs will snff out any mud or water at 500m range.....image I shalln't be running far though saving myself! Weather is fantastic - was very misty this morning so expect more of the same.
  • OK, is anyone going to have to tape their shoes to their feet?  I heard that we should do that but it sounds quite extreme.  I am going to wear old shoes now but I have never worn them running before.

  • just don't double knot them if they have laces or you will never get them off !! have a good race
  • Many thanks 'can't keep up', I have left a message for Mutley 2.  I have never run one of these before but sounds too good to miss, especially on such a beautiful week-end.image
  • Well at least you didn't leave it to the last minuite to decide . image
  • Well I went for a short venture into the self same woods - there are lots of nice dry bits, and some very gooey muddy bits....the dogs took quite a lot of hosepipe work to get clean..... see you all tomorrow. Managed to trip and nearly break my neck, and now have very sore hamstring.....ouch!
  • Well good luck to everyone!  See you there.  Let us know how you get on after the event - if everyone survives or not. image

  • oh beeeeeeeeeeeeeee carefull out there !! gooey mud fantastic i'm going to be slip sliding away . have a nice hot bath Andrew and fingers crossed it will all be better in the morning image . hope you all have good safe runs
  • I marshalled at the Extreme Terrain Festival today which was at Hawley Lake, near Blackwater/Camberley not a million miles from the Swinley forrest and it was very foggy.  The fog only just cleared for the 10.30am start for the swimming part of the triathlon.  I hope it's not to foggy for the Turbo - X tomorrow.  I have a head torch, should I bring it ?  It was very foggy in the forrest around the lake for the 10km runners who started at 8.30am.  However, here's hoping it's clear for us by the 10am start.  I'm wearing Brooks Glycerin 6 running shoes which I wear when I'm training cross country.   Good luck all !
  • No need for torch - I live just on the outskirts of the woods and it was plenty clear enogh by 10am
  • Odds teeth !

    I've borrowed a mates number - before having realised the enormity  of the challenge, sheeeeeeyyyiiitt !

    - fairweather running is my style, nice an' gentile, a little rain if nec., but waist deept mud............ooOOpps!

    Oh well, Swinley Forest here we come ................did Medmeham 10 miler last Sunday, twas a pleasure!

  • Hoooooolllllllyyyyy Shiiiiiiit! That was pretty tough going - makes Grim look like a flat 10km! The hills in the first half really took it out of me - mind you I had recharged ready for the X-Zone......loved those drops into the muddy streams! Looking forward to the photos! How did everyone else get on? I reckon it was 11ish miles.....
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