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  • Hi Leisha - Grim is easy in comparison....done it a couple of times. Being it's in December it is quite a bit colder though - and the mud/puddles are somewhat deeper and 'thicker' in places...image You doing Sat or Sunday? Sunday the course is always nicley bedded in!
  • I am doing Saturday.  I had such a great time on the Turbo X but it was quite far.  I really hope the Grim is not going to be too cold - I hate the cold.  Knowing my luck, it will be snowing and the water will be ice!
  • I actually ached from shivering before the start more than I did afterwards.... it was pis$ing down ... take large flask of coffee, food for afterwards, towels, lots of warm clothes......sorry - i am probably putting you off here! We took a huge catering box of mince pies last time image

     i would suggest (from experience) not wearing leggings (made me colder) and definitely wear wicking stuff - you see people with sodden cotton t-shirts that must be a so heavy and cold.

     tested my Turbo-X shirt today in the pouring rain at lunchtime - was great - coudl wring it out afterwards - legs were just a little stiff though

  • must admit I'm doing a lot of uming and arghing about the grim myself and you have put me off Andrew
  • Great day, can't wait till the next one, a lot better than running on the road.  I think I have managed to get rid of most of the mud.  Thanks for organising Mike!
  • Grim 8 - sounds great Andrew.  I'll do it on the Saturday.  Thanks for advising what to have in my 'recovery' bag !  I've got a liking for post race raisins and peanuts.  Maybe hot soup etc plus snacks will be better in December.  I was so muddy when changing into warm dry clothing after the Turbo X I looked like a street urchin !
  • I tend to take a packet of baby wipes (wet wipes would do too) to get some of the muck off post-race before putting dry clothes on
  • Thanks for the advice Andrew.  I take it you will be doing the Sunday race.  Hey Debbie, see you there.  How did you get on last Sunday?

  • I am booked to do Sunday - but will prob be swapping to Saturday as am entering teams from work and Sat is more popular.....I will get the mince pies in!image
  • Washing up bowl, very large container of  water and sponge ready in the boot of of car - gets the worst off before the drive home!!
  • Thanks for the advice, I'm an advocate of wet wipes/baby wipes for freshness.  However, after the event the mud is so caked and dried on that only a shower and soap will do it !  I'm embarrassed to admit my shins and calves are still ingrained with muck, I'm off to the chemist for an exfoliant !  My husband poured a bottle of water over my hands to rinse them after the event so I could eat my snacks with clean hands.  I've got my pre-race preparation all set.  I now need to refine my post race recovery.  However it can see quite involved for one race, yeah, but what a race though !  Leisha H, I did it in 2 hours 10 mins which I'm quite proud of.  To be honest, I noticed your race time and was pleased that I wasn't so far behind you as you were much quicker at the Windsor Half.  I hope you don't mind me mentioning it.

  • Leisha H,

     I mean you were quicker than me at the Windsor Half as I did it in 2hrs 51 mins.

    Who's going to Martinique Woods, Bordon for the last Turbo X of the series ?

    Well done all.

  • I'm gonna do Martinique!!image Must book - just entered Reading 1/2 '09 before the price went up.....2009 races already oh dear!
  • Hi all, the photo are now on the site

     Some crackers........

  • Excellent photo's.  Did I really do all that for a t-shirt ?  I've seen the pictures of me but it's also good to see the pictures of other participants with all that mud splashing around and people trying to help each other.
  • Yep, its amazing what runners will do for a freebie.......and races like these are great for bringing runners together helping each other out......roll on November.
  • Nice ..... most of mine are in that last big ditch, but at least I wasn't face down!
  • I was pleased not to be photo'd at the ditches, as I could not work out the best way across them. thought I would be clever and try and leap the first one only to clatter into the far bank, the second I thought just run though it and found a the third one closed my eyes and prayed.......image
  • Should we exchange race numbers and get a laugh by viewing each other's photos ?  I'm 810.
  • Ha ha!  I am 697.  Be prepared to see me falling.....

  • I'm gutted fell in the dam mud 4 times not one photo of it image
  • 444, but no falling shots.....
  • Leisa H, nice controlled falling there.......

  • Leisha - nice wipe out! I'm 492 ... no fall but we seem to be holding each other up!
  • Andrew,  wade to go !  You tall guys have no idea what it's like to be five feet, not many inches, eh Leisha ?   MadRunner 06, no falling shots as you look like you are walking on water !  What running shoes were you wearing, did they auto inflate in over six inches of water ?
  • Debbie, the shoes I use are New Balance RX MT800


    They are lightweight and do not hold in water and provide good grip. I use them for the cross country season, they are superb and only £35 quid. I go through about 2 pairs a season, so quite tough wearing.

    You know when you have those good running days, well sunday was a good day and ended up coming 28th......probably not happen at the next race though...Plus I live just outside High Wycombe, which happens to be hilly no matter which way you go...

  • Yeah, thanks guys.  The controlled falling was because I was wearing my wonderful new Garmin 405 and didn't want to put my wrist in the water no matter what the circumstances were.  Didn't work though! 

    I am still picking out dirt from under my toe nails 4 days later!  It just wont come out from under there.

  • Ooh, Debbie, that last pic of you is a good one!  Waist deep in it.  What a joy! image
  • Hey,

     Ive found some more pictures on

     Any one taking part in the last one?

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