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  • For anyone who has the two pin power charger provided with the the 405 see link below for the UK adapter head:

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  • Loving my new 405 - only problem is that the chest strap is too long (even on smallest length setting!!!!!) so it falls down image

    Does anyone know whether Garmin does an xs replacement strap (like Polar does)?  I can't seem to find one online!

  • Had a 301 then numerous 305's (lots of replacements due to fading sound problems) , used 405 for three runs now. Once all software and watch sorted it works well. Screen size a bit smaller than 305 which takes a bit of getting used to, otherwise an awesome piece of kit. A lot more comfortable on the wrist than tbe 301 and 305.
  • Pegasus Fitness  - has the 405 at £208 with HRM or £184 without HRM and  free delivery - just ordered one.

    Hope I'm as happy with as you guys! 

    Can't wait to try it out!

  • Runalot - just read this thread and saw your posting. My 405 was freezing like that as well. Garmin aren't aware of any issues, so think its just a duff unit and I've since had it replaced. If yours is still playing up, I'd take it back and get it swapped.
  • Hi All

     I have been using mine for a week (it's fab!) but it won't show calories used - remains at zero all the time.  Any ideas what is going on?

  • Have you set your height/weight/age in the watch?
  • I have got a 405 after having problems seeing the HR on my 305 - it promised to be a brilliant watch according to the bumf - I must say I have have never been more dissapointed with a useless piece of **** in my life ! - the bezel is useless, set up is impossible, software does not work ( either on XP or Vista) I have sent more than 20 emails to Garmin and they have not replied to any. it wont pair , it wont change programmes, the software wont work properly, what a dissapointment - if i cant get a refund - its going on ebay along with my 305 and I'll buy another make and thatnks for all the backup Garmin - I wont be back
  • Very odd, I love my 405, done all my sessions, inc cross training, with it, and it's been faultless, maybe it's a faulty unit?
  • I would agree with Danowat. I have only had had mine for 2 weeks or so and was a little worried about outlaying so much cash but I am very pleased. I only managed a couple of short training runs with before the Edinburgh marathon, so was nervous that it would play up on a longer run. However it performed brilliantly, and as a result of analysing my marathon run this week, have altered my training schedules considerably in preparation for Loch Ness marathon. I know other garmins, polars etc would also have given me same info, but the look and feel of the 405 is imho fantastic. So I would think you have a faulty unit, but the Garmin service does seem to lack oomph - I just hope I never need to find out for myself.
  • Yes, Garmin support is pants
  • My replacement 405 has been fine, so it looks like I just had a duff unit.
  • I love my Garmin 405 but the battery always dies at 37% - anyone else having the same problem?
  • Hi Michael

    I,m just about to buy the 405, but worried about battery life.  Im a slow, slow runner.  Would it see me through a 5 - 51/2 hour marathon - or die a death?

  • I recently used mine on a 7 hour 40 minute, mountain hike with gps and hr monitor going and still had some juice left at the end, so I would say you'll be fine providing you fully charge up before the event.
  • Can the 405 display your current grid reference position like a normal GPS can? I have read the user manual and there is no mention of this.
  • I thinking of getting one of these, I had a 201 before. I am thinking about getting one  red some of the comments. Also looking at suunto?.

     I am happy with 201, but open to other watches.


  • Just a few thoughts after purchasing a 405 with HRM. 

    Had ummed and aahed for ages before finally plucking up enough courage to buy one but the August Sweatshop offer of a free pair of shoes (Saucony Triumph 5's) swayed it!

    I think overall that it's fantastic, having never had a previous GPS  to compare against (I note the favourable comments in the forum about the 305 predecessor).  It does everything that  I need from such a device. Unfortnately however, it doesn't lie to you!!

    It does seem a bit thirsty power-wise hence I keep it regularly topped up.   The wireless PC connection is effortless and the GTC is very intuitive with plenty data.  The GPS elevation doesnt seem to be accurate however - despite starting and finishing at the same point it seems to throw up wildly different elevations. I had trouble initially trying to supimpose a map over the very basic map that the GTC provides, until I discovered the Google Earth link, which is personally adequate for my needs.

    Overall, an excellent product, although I imagine that if you have the 305, and are happy with what it does and happy with a non-wireless PC connection, there's probably no need to change up.

  • Has anyone else suffered from the problem I am?If I am out on a run and heaven forbid sweat a bit, the bezel goes on the fritz and the stat / lap buttons don't work either.I went out a couple of days ago and it was more than 2 minutes after I'd stopped running before I could stop the 405. I e-mailed Garmin support and got no reply and so spoke to someone on the phone who told me that "The bezel was not designed to work while wet". How the f*** are you supposed to go running and not sweat?!? I have to say it's a nice bit of kit, but this is a fairly fundamental flaw...
  • yep happens to me all the time on the long runs. it is a bit annoying but it still records the data and downloads fine. usually it works itself out during the run but it is a bit infuriating. I am contemplating trying to use some sort of wrist band to see if that stops the effect but esentially for a sports watch it is a bit of an oversight.

    Danowat - your the guru, any tips?

  • Lock the bezel before a run if theres a chance that the bezel may get wet, thats all I do, I rarely, neigh, never, touch the bezel during a run anyway, so it makes no difference to me if it's locked, I use a sparse data field setup (there is only so much data you need during a run), and autoscroll between the 2 fields.

    I only have a problem if it's raining hard, I never seem to sweat enough to cause it a problem, FTR, I have only suffered with the "mental bezel" problem a couple of times, although I have heard reports that clothing can cause it aswell.

  • I tried locking it but what seems odd is that for instance on a long run I can have it on the display screen (locked) I want, and then for no reason at all it has reverted back to the time and won't budge - but then eventually after pressing every button a few times it pops back.

     It isn't so much a problem just mildly inconvenient when you want to glance at your pace and find it aint there.

    But - as with all computers, can't live with them, can't live without them - and they never ever perform the way they claim (marketing who'd belive all that).

  • GTC - turn autopause off. Sometimes if it loses a signal/ you stop it does this.
  • GTC - you might also want to check you haven't inadvertantly set the 405 to switch off at a low pace as well as autopause.

     one other thing i now do, is turn the gps off once i've finished using the unit, otherwise it spends all the battery power at home searching for satelites that it can't see, and its dead when i want to run.

  • Hi all

    Got a 405 for Xmas and after intial set up issues that had me ranting and raving (other users in my club experienced the same so it was not just me being a thicko) it's worked really well and I'm a big fan even if it is the first  GPS I've had.

    Until yesterday that is when I went for my long Sunday run in heavy run and after only 5 minutes the display went crazy! Managed to cover it up and while stopping at clubhouse to pick up the club run it seemed to 'dry out' and return to normal. However once out on the run it started playing up again.

    AS GTC says it did record all the data for my run when I downloaded it afterwards and another user at the club also confirmed it's best to lock down the until when it's wet as per Danowat so will have to try this.

    Seems as shame that you buy so much for something and it doesn't work  in what is normal British weather but perhaps it's like some of the runners in my club and is warm weather runner!

  • Got my 405 the other week, it works a treat so far, although will start turning the GPS mode off when at home to save batteries, it did seem to use the battery up doing nothing. 

    The software and setup takes a bit of messing about with, but seems to be well worth it in the end.

    Went out running in the rain on sunday for a hour and it worked fine.  image

  • Hi.... Is the 405 now compatible with Mac?

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