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  • DW - yes, I think it's supposed to be. Best check on the Garmin website as there will probably be a software download for it. The teccie guys at Garmin are very good as well if you need to ring them.
  • it most certainly is mac'd up... the issue was also with the ANT Agent software for which there is now (finally)  a mac version

    you can download it from garmin connect:

    405 arrives tomorrow 

  • Thanks.

  • Make sure you get the very latest software or the Mac - if you tried it a couple of weeks ago it didn't work that well - it had all sorts of problems whereas now it works pretty darned splendidly image
  • This is my first GPS and whilst I have nothing to compare it to, I do think it's a fantastic piece of kit. I have had no issues with the bezel/connectivity/rain/screen size etc...

    One question though - does anyone know whether or not you can set the map in the Garmin training centre to show mile/km markers?



  • It is, i had one and got rid, hated it BUT my dad had one and also hated it so it sat in a box. i recnetly got it out for him to try and set up and found mac stuff.

    It works and it works so well i have now gone back to one myself... v good on the mac.

  • Mine came with a USB charger with a choice of heads (UK, 3 pin, 2 pin etc) but it charge quite happily off a PC
  • Getting one of these bad boys for xmas, can't wait!
  • I've seen the green version advertised as cheaper than the black, is this solely due to the offensive colour or am I missing something?

  • Amazon have the basic green one cheaper than the black, but the HRM one more expensive than the HRM black. What's even more bizarre is that if you want a black one it's cheaper to get it with HRM than without.
  • If I'm confused trying to buy it then I have no hope of getting it to work properly, saw it at a good price on Handtec if noone has any horror stories about them?
  • Kate, there are lots of stories about how the bezel is over-sensitive ... does weird things because of wind/rain/dogs barking/telepathy/running too fast/running too slow and just about every other possible influencing factor you can imagine.

    Bottom line - if you take a bit of time to figure it out and lock the bezel while running, it's a good piece of kit.

    I'm not Garmin's biggest fan mainly because of their lack of support for Macs over the years but the 405 has worked just fine for me at least.
  • can I just say it took me ages to decide to whether to get the end i did and i never look back. i dont know if it is possible, but if you go to garmin connect and look at peoples runs, you will see it really does follow footpaths and such. it is as accurate as something that size can be. i do recommend locking the bezel once underway as mine did play up once underway as it was raining, but normally i do and never have any problems. i dont use a hrm but i use the speed and pace setting and find them useful when training.

    I really wish i had got one earlier....

  • Thanks for the advice, I'm going to treat myself for an early Christmas present.
  • I have a 405 and am thinking of getting a footpod as due to the weather i have started back at a gym. I then noticed a small feedback on Amazon to say that the footpod will not work with the HRM. Does anyone know if that is right with the 405. The footpod is generic and the reviewer owned a 50 hence my question.
  • It's incorrect. The footpod will work alongside the HRM on the 405.
  • Does anyone know if you can improve the quality of the maps in Garmin Training Centre, as the one thats in it from the start is really basic? I know you can click on the tab to put you to Google maps, but would be better if the map in the training centre was of better quality.
  • Use Sport tracks.
  • I've finally got my 405 and so far so good, but it's a bit of a bully! I've got a track session with my club tomorrow night, no idea what the format will be until I get there, what's the best way to use it to get the various distance times eg. 400m etc and also record the whole session? I'm still learning the basics at the moment, like turning on the light!
  • For a session like the one tomorrow, my advice would be to press Start and every time you end an effort or a recovery, press Lap/reset.

    Providing you don't have an unscheduled pause you'll end up with a good record of your session.

    If you do have such a pause, delete that lap after you've downloaded the session to your computer.

    That would be my advice at least but I'm sure others will have alternative suggestions.
  • Brilliant, thanks.
  • Oh - and press Start/stop at the end of your final recovery then press and hold Lap/reset for the three secs you'll see counting down on the watch.

    That saves it into the memory.
  • Thanks again.
  • Seriously considering one of these, done as much research as possible but would appreciate some friendly advice before I take the plunge.
    1) Is the 405CX exactly the same as the 405 except with heart rate monitoring?
    2) I've heard that the GPS signal isn't that reliable in forrested areas, is this the case?
    3) Is it likely that the 405 will be updated in the near future as it's been out since 2008?
    Thanks in advance
  • Spartacles, thanks for the advise, we did a slighly different session than normal last night after 5 weeks off with weather issues, 2 mins fast, 2 mins slow etc and has recorded all the data perfectly. Except in the case of user error when my brain was shot from being so knackered I forgot to start and stop my laps, but still recorded the splits. Love the oval red line showing the laps! Yep, I'm a Garmin saddo.
  • i cant decide whether to buy the 05 or the 405CX. any opinions?
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