Totton 10K

Does anyone know if this race is being run today. All contact numbers just ring and ring. We have an inch + of snow in my area of Hampshire. Is there snow around Totton?



  • I'm up in surrey and we've got loads of snow as well!! Looks like a snowball fight with the kids instead of a run!
  • Piers...i would run this too.

    I haven't signed up though so wonder if they allow on the day entries?

    Its snowy here too...wonder if it's on?

  • They allow entries on the day.

    Weather couldn't be more different to last year. Has been snowing here in Southampton off and on for the past couple of hours. Can't find out if still on - suppose could drive over and check. Not sure I fancy running with snow underfoot.

  • limperlimper ✭✭✭

    So - did it happen?

    It was nice down here by 11am [start time], but at 9:30 when I would have set off from home I couldn't even see the car parked in the driveway!!
    Consequently I played snowballs on the beach rather than doing the race.

    Apologies to the organisers for not turning up - I know a lot of effort goes into these things.
    But today was quite extraordinary for the south coast.

  • The race went ahead - a bit nippy on the start line, but the sun came out eventually and ended up being great conditions.

    Really good day out - well organised, and plenty of people to cheer you on.  Well done to all those that made it.

  • Ended up being close to perfect conditions- cool, dry and very little wind.

     Snuck under 36 mins for a PB with at least 4 of my clubmates also managing PBs- a good day all round image

  • As a member of Totton and one of the 10k organising group, apologies to anyone who tried to contact us on the day to find out if it was still on. You will appreciate that contact numbers given are for race entries and they tend to be home based. For an 11am race most of us were at the race headquarters from before our first snowstorm started ( putting out the course, finish, etc. Maybe theres a need for mobile contact, but feasibly cant see how this would work. Perhaps an answerphone message, but at the end of the day, people decide to risk it or not and as it happened the weather was perfect for running.


  • Thanks Sue T

    Great event as always, didn't quite get a PB this year carrying a bit more weight 30 secs off my best, image though three people in my club did.

    I hope you carry on this event, we are lucky that our local police are so understanding with our events. I can't believe that they refused to cover the event for, was it operational issues?

    Of course it was ironic that a stray Panda car blocked the first 1k loop.

     Thanks to you and all the rest of the organising team from all of us here at Overton Harriers


  • sue t

    fully understand that it is not always easy to notify people, but very frustrating when you live 25 miles away from the race and cannot reach anyone.  The snow was very deep in portsmouth and was not willing to make the 50 mile round trip to be told race was not going ahead.  Anyway, maybe next year will be better, i give it a try again then, thanks to all members of totton running club for organising.


  • Thank you for a well-organised and friendly race.  Many thanks to all the marshalls who stood out along the whole course and offered encouragement.  It was greatly appreciated. 
  • Hi Dee

    Yep, completely understand your frustration I think Id feel the same, I hope we  would have put something on our website immediately had we had to cancel. Amazing how the weather can differ over such a short distance and perhaps Portsmouth is more exposed to the elements than we are here, though at 8am even we wondered if it would go ahead.


     heard about the police car blocking the road. We didnt have police on the course last year, I think they felt there was no need as a result of the risk assessments, though the council had other ideas, apparently lots of new H&S rules came in from 1st April so paperwork was horrendous.

    As for next year....

  • Thanks Sue,

    You always do such a good job marshalling, I've always assumed that you have had police support. Please keep up the good work, with Hayling 10 gone it would be such a shame to lose another fast course.


  • SuperCazSuperCaz ✭✭✭
    Great event Sue.  I came from Portsmouth, and I have to say that when we set out it was blizzard conditions (about 4 inches of snow in 90 min) so I was sure that it would be cancelled.  But I'm glad that I made the effort because it was a friendly, well organised event.
  • Hi Sue

    Thanks for the reply, i think if this happens again i would take the risk and turn up,  not sure there was anything totton runners could have done differently, that's just british weather for you.  hopefully see you next year.


  • To think I ran this a few years ago and had a sunny picnic first (it was in the afternoon) then a boilng hot pb where i got sunburn!!

    I hope it's on next year I may be able to make it!
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