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Does anyone know if this is a circular route? Also a fellow runner wants to know if this would be a good first fell race.


  • It's definitely a circular route and it might be my second fell race. Inside information from my club (Valley Striders, Leeds) is that its more of a cross country race than a fell race but can be quite muddy in parts.

    If you want more information, then phone the organiser, Dave Woodhead - he organises lots of fell races in the area so I'm sure will be able to suggest the most suitable of "his" races for a newcomer

    Dave Woodhead 166 Hainworth Wood Road, Keighley, W.Yorkshire, BD21 5DF, 01535 669100
  • My kids have entered the junior races in the past and had a great time. At one race I even received a free photo from Dave.

    I'm also contemplating entering myself for the first time. At 7 miles and 1000 ft I wouldn't call it a cross country race! We live near by and it can be very wild country. However it's not a straight up and down like many of the Bofra races for example.

    See you there.
  • Anyone know how to get to the start of this one, from Keighley say? (dont you think its pathetic when people put a message on their own thread but under a different name?)
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Yes, BAD chimp.
  • Dont you also think its sad when you plough through all the threads (I really should get out more) and you see all those with just one message, the original message sent out by someone who logs on every 15 minutes or so looking for the reply that never comes. Their heart sinking as it goes down to page 2, then 3 then 4 on so on. I could cry, I really could.
  • How to get within ½ mile of the start:
    From Keighley, take A629 Halifax Road.
    Bear right onto A6033 Hebden Bridge Road.
    Bear right onto B6142 Haworth Road.
    At bottom of hill road goes right to Haworth.
    When you get to Haworth (you can see cobbled street ahead), turn right.
    Follow road around edge of old town, passing big car park on left.
    Continue in same direction out of Haworth (probably signposted Stanbury)
    At fork in road, bear left (right fork is for Stanbury).
    Penistone Hill / Country Park is now on your left.
    There are several car parks. To get to the one I think you want ...
    ..continue on this road for ½mile.
    At T-junction, turn left.
    Almost immediately, turn left into car park.
  • Genuine thanks Bob.
  • A great race even if I did finish well down the field! A bright spell in between heavy rain although very windy and with the odd bit of knee deep bog.

    Not many races end with a pub prize giving where the winners can't actually carry all of their prizes!

    A definite for next year.

    There are other races from the same start point during the winter.
  • Forgot to mention that there were over 200 seniors including lots of ladies. There must have been close to 100 kids as well.
  • That was never cross country..more like a mountain climb. I got stuck three times in bogs and had to be pulled out, swam across a river (ok, a small stream but still sank like a stone) and nearly broke both ankles on a number of occasions. Besides the fact that I was mistaken for a hill walker then came almost last! What fun! The refreshments before and after were much needed as it was blowing a gale and freezing! The curly whirlys were soon scoffed!
  • You're up for it next year then!

    Don't forget the other variations during the winter.
  • Paul, I will have to develop amnesia to do that again! Seriously though, what I want to know is why we say 'never again' when we haven't had a good run and then do it again following year! Does all this pounding make some brain cells die? or did we not have any in the first place?
  • Slightly more seriously, some of the other runs are shorter, but nothing is "bog free" around Haworth.

    I got into real trouble at home for washing my kit in the washing machine!
  • There was a guy taking photos half way round. He looked quite professional and called out my race number.

    I seem to remember that there is someone around Haworth who sells running photos over the web. Does anyone else know who this is and the web address?
  • What! Oh no! I hope he didn't take one of me! I looked like the monster from the deep! Anyway, all that mud must be good for the complexion...trouble is, it was on my a*se!

    What, when and where are the other races (god! I have lost my marbles!)
  • I'll find out, but not today.
  • The next two events are:

    22/12 The Stoop starts 11:30
    31/12 The Briscoe's Brewery 9th Auld Lang Syne Race also at 11:30

    Details are on the RW events pages and also in the latest edition of the mag.

    We won't be at the Stoop because there's too much happening that day.

    My next race is hopefully the Kelbrook fell race this weekend, but the forecast isn't very good again!
  • Roz if you're still reading this thread!

    I see that you didn't come last!

    Two excellent (free) photos of my kids in their race. Thanks Dave & Eileen.
  • Paul, mad man and dog don't count, they were with me!
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