Chip time ?

On the RW interactive mile-by-mile guide, it say's that the official start time is when you cross the line, in other races I have been in that have used chip timing the start has been recorded on gun time and ended on crossing the finish line, which is correct?

You know what it's like at taper time, you start to worry about everything.


  • Tom,
    You will get 2 times at FLM, gun time and chip time. Gun time is from when the gun goes to when you cross the finish. Chip time is from when you cross the start to when you cross the finish.

    Just about everyone I know quotes their chip time when asked for their PB. However, websites such as will list your gun time for the simple reason that the deciding factor for finish order in a race is simply determined by the order in which individuals cross the line. 

    I do know exactly what you mean about taper time. I don't usually log-on to RW at 5am on a Tuesday image 

  • I thought FLM was the one exception where you only get given the chip time, and this is used on athletics data.
  • EdB is right, you only get your chip time.
  • I stand corrected gentlemen.

  • Thanks a lot people, one less thing to worry about, now for the 2,000 other little things image
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