Weather Predictions...

So what are peoples predictions? The consensus on the websites (BBC and this one weather) say showers and 13 degrees, but when i checked yesterday it was predicting sun, after sundays five inches of snow, i'm thinking i pack my whole running wardrobe!!!

So i predict ideal running conditions (after training through the winter months), 12 degrees and cloudy with no wind.

 Or am i just hoping it will be like this!!! image


  • Yeah, I just checked the weather too and it's forecasting heavy showers.  I can't decide whether that's a good thing or not.  Did the london last year and it was one of the hottest marathons on record which made it incredibly tough.  So, I'm really not sure if the forecast is a good one or bad!

  • Typhoon, my mum heard it of the bloke who sells the grease-proof paper who in turn heard it down the pub.
  • I've heard that a tsunami is expected, coming up the Thames.  Maybe you should pack your speedos and goggles as well?
  • i heard that too mr w, then an earthquake
  • or was it the other way round..........
  • I predict floods of biblical proportions. I'm packing my speedos* just in case.

    *Extra tight for improved aquadynamics.... plus a little something extra for the ladies image

  • is little the operative word here RM?


  • What's more fightening a tsunami or RM in his speedos?
  • The BBC five day forecast reckon it'll be 12 degrees with heavy showers.

    12 degrees sounds okay but while drizzle would be a bonus, heavy rain isn't good.  Oh well.  It is what it is.

  • Why does every thread on this site seem to get taken over by people taking the p1ss? There are plenty of other threads to have a laugh in, but I'd have thought a sensible discussion about the weather here would be a good idea ...

    Anyway, I've always found to be very good, and that the BBC website forecasts are often quite poor (that is strange as the rest of their site is always excellent).

    The Metcheck site is currently forecasting 11'C, light wind from the west (in your face last 6 miles!), and rain showers later in the day. I'd settle for that I think.

  • Sensible discussion on the weather ? Have you seen how dodgy some of the forecasts are ? Its pointless even wasting breath on it four days out !

    Lighten up man ! Its meant to be fun !
  • No room for a bit a fun!? Don't tell me your actual name is Robin Dobbin!imageimageimage

  • Hopefully more irreverent than taking the piss.
  • Good luck everyone, I am not running.  Any weather is better than last year's disaster.  I will be there next year though!  And Robin, I think everyone is getting nervous hence the piss taking.

     Also, I have learned never to trust any websit purporting to predict the weather!

  • The weather on marathon day is notoriously unpredictable.  The year I ran it we were expecting cool and overcast but got sun and high temps instead.  The year before that I almost froze and drowned while supporting.  Last year I turned out to support in shorts and sunglasses.  The best you can do is check the forecast the day before then again that morning........ then pack for any eventuality image
  • .......ok then, i'll take me wellies and a brolly

    .........nothing else, just wellies and a brolly image

  • David Birrell wrote (see)
    No room for a bit a fun!? Don't tell me your actual name is Robin Dobbin!imageimageimage

    I'm afraid not, it's just a nickname!

    I don't mean to sound like a killjoy, of course there's room for fun, its just that any chance of useful advice in a thread like this is lost when it goes off topic in the 3rd post.


  • FLM is done to death on here so it does tend to attract a bit of stick. 

    I thought my weather prediction was accurate, the tea leaves told me this morning

    I will change brands if its wrong

  • I would change brands. They are crap tea bags !
  • well they were tesco value

    they also said the start has been changed to 6am

  • Carrying my sorry a*se about in the rain will be fine. It'll be like Glastonbury without the mud!!!

    You can't believe every weather report because they're all different. BBC says rain all day Sunday. But if you have a look at the Sky News weather, they say that it will be cloudy but definitely dry all day Sunday. (Except for between the hours of 9am and 3pm when it's going to properly p*ss it down!!!!!) 

    Luckily I've been practising running with a brolly.

  • Interestingly, it's not just crowd numbers that are lower when it rains. Apparently less people turn up to run too. Now I can think of lots of reasons for not turning up on the day, (injury, sleeping in etc) but I can't imagine waking up, looking out of the window and saying to myself:

    "Oh look it's raining, don't think I'll bother" - And going back to bed!!!!image

  • Rocket man..that is exactly what I say to work mates when they ask ."have you honestly been trainiing in THIS rain  ? "...

  • I like the rain, esp if it is not too cold image Anything but blistering heat will be great, and wind.
  • Wind and rain - A bit good, a bit bad then?
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