Photo ID Required

It's not just me-3 other people have not seen the big black headline on the registration form that says bring photo ID to registration at the Expo.

I'd rather look silly on here than standing in the queue at Excel trying to prove my own identity... 


  • I'd rather look silly on here than standing in the queue at Excel trying to prove my own identity... 

    Prove it! I want DOB, Address and Credit card details and when is the best time for you to be out so I can get a bike delivered?

  • No, Mr P, that's why I started a thread about this earlier.  It's more likely old timers who think they know the score to miss this.  Will be at expo today and report back how tightly this is enforced.
  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    image Didn't see the thread either...

  • What, if like me, you don't drive, have never had a passport or any other form of photo ID and are an undischarged backrupt who can't even produce a credit card. I will be extremely p****d off if some jobs worth tells me, after I've spent thirty quid on getting in the ballot, millions of miles of training and the cost of a train journey and hotel, that I can't run because I can't ID myself!! 
  • When I did it last (2005) they weren't asking for ID, although the small print said you could be required to provide ID in order to get your number.

    I'll be surprised if they trying to get everyone to show ID - it would be chaos.

    Don't you have a debit card Mr A?  That would have your signature on it, if not your photo.  They must accept that some people just don't have photo ID.

    Or a library card?  Tesco Clubcard?  Organ donor card? (just rifling through my purse.....)

  • Whenever I've done it, I've gone with ID credit cards and stuff, and never been asked to show them.

    I guess its to put off the people who try and sell their places on Ebay and stuff.
  • I'm really surprised not one libertarian has jumped on this to suggest that it's all a government conspiracy to get ID-cards introduced in the UK.

    Disclaimer: proud wearer of a national ID card. (Granted, not this nation)

  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭

    I've just come back from the Expo and YES I was asked for a photo ID.

     I should just add that it was very quiet and I had no-one waiting behind me.

  • I have just been too and no one actually looked at my id, although i did have it in my hand - it was also v quiet, got my number and chip back to Canary Whf within the hour.
  • Hmmm - do you think they'll mind if my passport is still in my maiden name - or do I need to take along marriage certificate, birth certificate, medical card, husband.....
  • <takes a deep breath, shakes his head and walks away>

  • I've just been and had my passport in my hand ready and waiting and wasn't asked..
  • Well there's no fun in asking to see the ID of someone who has clearly brought it with them, is there??
  • Very good point! Feeling quite excited now, roll on Sunday...
  • I've been and wanst asked. I wasnt aware that I would need it, but always have my drivers licence with me.

    Was nice and quite, spent a small fortune and FatFace rubbed my legs!!

  • Wasn't asked either. On an unrelated matter, I did watch a few Masai running on a treadmill in their sandals, complete with full tribal dress and running numbers now stuck to their shields!
  • Those guys were on bbc brreakfast yesterday morning!  The guys trainers are old car tyres!
  • Certainly looked like it could have been, although it also seems to be a very good approximation of tread on the soles of trainers. And I suppose, compared to Zola Budd and other barefoot runners, the sandals are relatively comfy. 
  • My girls are really looking forward to seeing them. Did they hint at what time they will run it in?
  • Got my number and they did not ask for any photo ID.
  • I didn't get a chance to chat to them, as they were being escorted round by FLM press officers and a few soldiers. They might well have said so in an interview somewhere.
  • keep the feedback onthe photo id thing,

    I really don't want to take my passport and risk losing it in London from some left luggage store.

  • No photo ID required. I was guessing they need it if your signature doesn't match, not that I remember them checking. It was blissfully quiet last night - good luck if you have to go on Saturday.

    If the trains are as infrequent as yesterday (about four an hour on the way back), consider taking the DLR one stop in the opposite direction and then boarding a train back in the right direction. You might even get a seat!

  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭

    I was asked for photo ID.

    They asked me if I'd applied online, which I had, and so then asked to see ID.

  • I see - no signature on online applications!

    So next year EVERYONE will have to provide photo ID, as there won't be any signatures to check.

  • didn't check me BUT take it in case they ask!!
  • Didn't ask for my I.D... but I took it anyway - just incase!!
  • I've always registered on a Saturday - never been a problem, and never asked for ID either.
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