Rothwell 10K

Only 11 days to go and not a peep?  The race is full though, so there must be a fair few forumites doing it.

Has anyone received their race pack, or do we pick them up on the day?

Hoping to get under 60 mins for this one.


  • details normally sent out week before race.
  • Cool PTPATT - are you in it?
  • Oh I'm glad I've checked this out. I was getting a bit worried about my number.

    REALLY wanting a sub 50 for this one but I've picked up a hip injury image So it's anyone's guess.

  • Are you sure about the numbers? I received mine weeks ago; sorry!
  • Did you????? *worried*
  • Just emailed them.
  • all numbers were posted out to postal entrants weeks ago. The event closed uin February. If you entered online then you pick up on the day as per the acknowledgement to you and the instructions on the web site (which is unfortunately down at the moment!)

    I've got some technical issues on at the moment but all content can be found at 

  • Diana C, you got me doubting myself yesterday so went hunting for my number last night! I did recieve the number as I thought quite a while ago.

     Hope your able to hunt yours down....

  • Hi all

    I'm in too.

    See you all there!

  • Oi Stox. Read yer Fetch mails woman!!
  • Read it DC! Desperately trying to catch up now I,ve got the chance!!
  • Thanks UK resultsman - forgot about the e-mail instructions image.  I'll make sure to arrive a bit earlier so I can collect my number.

  • I don't even remember receiving email instructions!! I am however on the entrants list, so I too will hope to get there a bit earlier. Public transport permitting obv.
  • Ten miles done today. Feeling rather smugimage
    Ready for this now and Sheffield Half the week after!

    Off to London now to cheer on the mara runners! Hurray!
  • Everyone ready for tomorrow then?
  • I think so RTG! I may even attempt a pb. Someone said the weather was forecast to be crAp. I will check.
  • Looking forward to it though it's been a bit chilly the last day or two. As I've not done this before, just logged in here to check whether we'll get mile markers or km markers - km markers it seems...

    I'll be aiming for a PB too Stoxy, and another one at Sheffield next week, good luck image

  • It was KM markers last year

  • Right, that means I need to get around 5.9 mins/km if I want to get under 60 mins!

    Went out on a bike ride today - bloomin' cold & windy.  Hope it's better tomorrow.

     Good luck folks!

  • I'm doing Sheffield too MDE. Then Bluebell ten the week after, Meanwood Valley Trail, Askern 10k and Apperley Bridge Canter in May. Won't bore you with the rest of the years fixtures!!

    Hmm. Not happy about KM markers I must admit. Still, trying to work out the miles and doing the KM maths in my head will help to pass the time!!

    Good luck everyone!!

  • Yep - I notice you keep doing the same races as me Stoxy (or is that the other way round?). I'll also be at  Bluebell Trail, though I always regret entering 3 races on 3 consecutive weekends - I can't seem to stop doing it. Doesn't leave much time for training runs.

    Best of luck to everyone at Rothwell - it's bound to be a fast'un image

  • I enjoyed it - and got a pb image,

    Sheffield half next weekend - anyone else doing this?

    Know what you mean MDE about entering races.  It gets compulsive, doesn't it?  I do usually avoid doing races on consecutive weekends though!

  • Yep, doing that too -- expect Sheffield will be a fast'un too - suppose I better check out the Sheffield Half forums...
  • Hi everyone,

    Is anyone else having trouble emailing TA Images for the race photos - my emails keep getting bounced!


  • I'm doing Sheffield next week as well

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