open water swimming series dvd for sale

image i am selling a brand new copy of ,open water swimming series, level 1 dvd, by rick kiddle.( bnib)

includes * equipment-what to buy and how to fit

                * panics and fears- how to overcome them

               * swimming techniques for triathletes

               * safety in open water

              * deep water starts and turns

              * sighting and drafting

             * transition t1 and more........

rrp £19.99- i am looking for £10 + £1 pp  image


  • Iuan

    A.  you are not allowed to sell bits on here

    B.  you seriously paid £20 for a video on OWS ??  image
  • thanks M.eldy-didnt realise u couldnt sell anything on here!

    and -no i didnt pay £20 for a video on ows- its a dvd!- and i got it as a present!!!

    Sorry-wont do it again!!!image

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