Wave Rider 11

I have 2 pairs of the Rider 11,the newest I will be doing FLM in them, feeling good about them as they have done less than 100 miles. The older pair are beginning to feel a bit worn. I am feeling stones and pebbles thru them now on the tow path, and they've only done 350 miles. In the past when I have used Sacony and Asics shoes, have tended to get 500+ miles out of them.

Is this the norm with the Riders? Should I ditch them before I clock up any more miles / 500?


  • Ey-up Bri Just noticed this thread, I was going to post something similar - my mate wears mizunos, has started to get back pain a bit now and is putting it down to the trainers been worn. We worked out that they've only got 300 miles or under in them, which is a bit crp to be knackered.
    Needless to say he's going to move away from them now. I had heard that mizunos don't last as long as others, would suggest RB may be able to give gospel advice though!
  • WTGY, cheers. Will ask the shoe god.

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