RW ultimate marathon thread: what if...

Quote taken from the ultimate marathon guide on here...

"And don’t forget that despite the use of electronic timing chips, your official timing will begin when the gun goes off at 9.30, not when you cross the start line."

 Is this true??? Surely not with the technology out there???


  • Er no - thats wrong. For other smaller races it would be true - but here it could take ten minutes to start.
  • That's what i thought, phew!

     Thanks cougie

  • There should be a gun time and a chip time.

    I guess for the elites gun time is the "official" time.

    For everyone else their real time is the chip time. 

  • Phlegm only publish chip times.
  • Hi guys

    Sorry for any confusion - your official chip time will only start when you cross the line (not when the gun goes off). I've updated the article to reflect this now.


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