Sutton Runners 10K

I'm visiting patients in the area on the day, so it's silly not to!

Any idea of where's good to park, or shall I leave my car in Bute Road, near my patients house?


  • Bute road is an easy walk to park. Parking is not that good within park anyway.

    I'm looking forward to some nice weather running!!

    See you there

  • Will do. I checked the route on mapmyrun. Easy jog from patients house. Just hope they've cleared away all the bollards and barriers from the pavement improvements by race day.
  • I'll be doing that run with my club. Hope it's a good'un.
  • With all this rain the car park may well be a bit of a mudbath.  I'm visiting my parents nearby so may well park there and jog to the park as a warm-up
  • Not my finest hour. But thanks to the marshalls!
  • Thank you Lady Lucan. It was rather warm today for you runners. I hope you enjoyed the event and will return again next year? 
  • I enjoyed it enormously even though I was 3 minutes slower than I'd hoped. I kept seeing people I knew and the park was lovely!
  • Definitely back next year, and hopefully I'll have learned better pace judgement by then! Not used to it being so warm!
  • I hope you found a good parking spot RW? There is smaller car park on the other side of the park, around the 2k point. You should try it next year. It was little used yesterday!

  • Anyone checking info on this race - don't forget FREE PHOTOS if you run the Sutton 10k - just visit our site and follow the link to race photos then email me for full-sized shots.  We'll be doing the same again next year or until my photo finger gives up image - RacingSnake
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