Hi, I am new here, training for the Race for Life 5k. I don't class myself as a hardcore runner, I am aiming to do the 5k in 30 mins...
Anyway, last week my Nike Pegasus started to rub blisters on the inside arches of my feet, although I have had them for a while with no problems. Is this a sign that I need new trainers? Is it because I have upped my speed lately?
Also, what is the best treatment to help them heal, especially as plasters seem to fall off me after about a minute!
Any advice appreciated.


  • Hi Libbie...
    Compeed blister plasters are the business...!! You can also get own label versions in Boots and Superdrug. I have used both Compeed and Boots own, very similar and work well.....
    As for whether you need new trainers, don't know enough to give advice!

    I started off doing the Race for Life last year, and now doing 1/2 marathons and 10k's, be warned its ADDICTIVE!!!!!!!

    Enjoy your running!
  • I also have Nike Pegasus trainers, and I also have suffered from blisters on the inner arches of my feet - they don't seem to be getting any better, even after 200 miles running in them, so mine are going in the bin this weekend! Not a good advert for their shoes - I wouldn't buy them again.
  • Libbie- it could have been your socks. I ran last night in a pair of shoes I've never had any problems in, but wore the same socks that I had been wearing all day- ran 4.5m in the evening at Niketown and as a result have got 3 wonderful blisters on each foot.
    Looby, did you get your foot analysed before you got them- it may be that as your foot is tiring your arch is collapsing- since the Pegasus have no support this may be causing your arches to rub.
  • Slippery - you're right - I didn't get my feet analysed this time. The first time I bought running shoes I went on the Adidas foot scanner thing, and they recommended Saucony Grid which I have had for nearly two years (with no problems), then I went to a different running shop who looked at my Sauconys and recommended the Nike from there.

    I'm going to get my feet analysed again, and see what they recommend this time!

    Good suggestion about collapsing arches - I have had problems with hiking boots, for the same reason.
  • Thanks so much for all the feedback. I don't think it is the socks as they are also the same ones I have run in countless times with no problems...Now got two blisters on the left foot, so definitely something needs to be done!

    I will go to a local running shop at the weekend and and see what they recommend (i don't think any shops in my town would have such a thing as a foot scanner though!)

    The soreness of my feet is now interfering with my running though, so I need to get it sorted. Today involved Boots Blister Plasters and a quantity of Micropore to hold it on, but after 15 mins I still felt like had hot coals under my feet. I'll try more cushioning tomorrow and maybe rest the old hooves Saturday...

    Why does this always happen when the training is going quite well?

  • Just on Nike's, out of the 3 shoes I own they are the most expensive (Kantara) and the biggest piece of S*$£. I can't run more than 3 miles in them without getting blisters so I use them for my warm ups and then it's over to my beloved Asics, I even have a framed picture of them, thats how much I love my Asics. Sometimes they give me blisters after 13 miles but that's ok, I understand.
  • I am such a stupid person.

    I thought that blister plasters plus tape would protect the old ones enough to allow another run...well I did the run (and improved my time) but now I have the sorest feet in the whole world and am feeling mighty sorry for myself.

    So what do I do - stop training while they heal (and what can I do training wise in the meantime) or keep going?

    Also, with trainer buying tomorrow, if my feet already kill me, how can I judge if a new pair of trainers are OK?

    I feel like a right divvy :(
  • G day
    thought i'd add my bit

    a - your arches don't suddenly collapse...your arch height moves in accordance with body weight and movement forces applicable during running etc.
    it may be true that your skin has been exposed to increasing trauma by faster speed and or longer runs,(and more forceful movement of the arch aspect against the trainer) and as thus its protection threshold has been reached. but dont worry, as new skin grows it tends to be thicker and tougher after this sort of experience

    you may require a shoe with a slightly wider last, sauconys as a rule tend to be wider than nike as do NBalance, this may explain the difference in trainers?

    b - as for healing, its best not to burst them, compeed are very effective for pain relief and healing.
    if they're open blisters, wash them thorougly in saline and apply a dry dressing or compeed over them.

    as for socks , grab a few pairs of the 1000mile socks, they're very effective for longer runs.

    Unfortunately, blisters do require a few days rest to heal properly for running to recommence as normal. just run at an easier pace or try cycling to keep your fix!
    I personally find swimming effective to clean blisters and help the drying process.

    hope this is helpful
  • Graeme
    This is v. helpful thanks very much. I think I am annoyed with myself more than anything for making them worse!

    I have plasters for all occasions (the local Boots must think I have a fetish) so I think after a weekend of not running and plently of foot TLC, and then early next week some cycling and swimming...

    Maybe just a wake up call for new trainers and for me to listen to my body more and my head less!

  • think of the weekend as chance for a good recovery session and not an enforced rest, oh and wear those new trainers around the house for a day or two to break them in.

    however good or fast we all get blisters at some time,

    enjoy runnin
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