Could I go to the Olympics

Okay to start with I probably have no chance. My last Marathon was 4 hours 15. Not fantastic but not bad.

I was however thinking that in 2012 I will be 34 and wanted to know what the process would be to compete in the Marathon at the olympics.

The obvious one is get a lot faster. But even if I was fast enough how would I qualify. Do you have to do a certain number of races? If so which ones?

As I say I am not delusional but was curious what someone would have to do.



  • A lot of work.

    Local guy  to me as we speak is running his guts out to qualify. He runs a lot of races. Want to wear british kit, qualify at age groups for tri

  • Check out the Alex Velo thread the guy who has gone from running 4 hours something as a big fat bloke to around 2:30 in two years and his attempt to qualify for the Beijing Olympics
  • You have to achieve a qualifying time.

    I have been trying to find out what it is for 2008, and 2012, but I have not found that info so far.

    If a lot of folks get the required time then you have to be one of the fastest to be selected.

  • richy gardner i looking for 2.12, dan robson is looking for 2.11.

    rich was 3rd uk male last year, i think he needs 2nd

  • SUb 2:11 big dave
  • So if I ran 2:11 in any marathon before 2012 I would get to go?

    Surely it is more complicated than that.

    Not that I could run 2:11!!!

  • 2:11 and be selected.  If there are 5 Brits under, say 2:10 and you run 2.10:30, the chances are you won't be selected.

    The complicated bit is picking the right parents.

  • For this year, the A standard is 2.11 and the B standard is 2.15. In track events, any country can take up to three athletes if they have achieved the A standard within a set time period before the Olympics, normally Jan 2007 to August 2008 in this case. Think it's the same for the marathon but in World Champs they have sometimes allowed up to 5 in the team.

    So, if you got sub 2.11 in the qualification period and no-one else did, you would go. If you and five others achieved it, then the selectors would have to choose which three ran, depending on factors such as pb, championship experience, age, potential etc.

  • You need to find a country with a low selection criteria.  I think the Falklands had runners who were around the 3.30 mark last time?  (or was it the commonwealths?)
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    Hmmm... If it were me I'd check on citizenship requirements for Equatorial New Guinea and then brush up on my swimming.  image
  • Look at eddie the eagle and eric the eel.

    Find a sport where the UK does not even have a standard that is high.

  • eg football, cricket, rugby, beach volleyball or petanque
  • I don't think a hariy bloke is the image for beach volleyball!
  • Well, I hope my parents have helped in some way, inadvertently on the genes front, but more importantly, I get a more relaxed qualification criteria being from Equatorial New GuineaZealand!  2.15, only need to shave of 13 mins in about 4 years now, managed 30 mins over 7 months so can't be that hardimage
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