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Hello everyone, i havent been on the forum for quite some time but thought now was the time to return.  Approx 4 years ago i had pf, recovered from that and continued with my running. Unfortunately Dec 2006 i fell and injured my coxic (I know this isnt the right spelling!!) and then last Oct i pulled up with pain in my hip and left heel.  i immediately stopped running and made an appt to see my physio.  She worked on my hip, lower back, knee (i have itsb in my left knee) and coxic area.  Unfortunately i still have the pain in my left heel - i know its not pf as its not the same symptoms.  im really at a low now as i cant run but equally i cant row or ride a bike because of the pain in my coxic.  Obviously my weight has increased a bit becasue of the lack of exercise and i am partial to a glass of wine (i know this isnt helping). 

 i think the initial injury to my heel was caused by wearing the wrong shoes for work as they had no inner support.  i wear heel inserts when i can.  i just wondered if i should use them and continue to run?

 what are your views on whether i should return to my physio or seek help from a pod?  my daughter has suggested that i speak to her physio - shes under an excellent sporting university quite close by.

 all views greatly appreciated. i want to return to my running - basic as it may be.  i would like to be able to run the Adidas womens challenge in september.  


  • Hi

    What about a heel spur? Sounds like it could be the problem as a heel spur is sometimes the cause of PF in the first place.

    A heel spur is basically a bony protusion under the heel which causes pain on impact. You would need an x-ray to diagnose this and so i would recommend a Dr who can refer you for this.

    You can also get heel pads which are accomodative and have a heel plug (indentation) over the area of the heel to reduce pressure on it when you walk/run. You can get these from

    Heidi (Sports Rehabilitator) 

  • what are your symptoms?

     you say they are not the same as PF but what are they?

  • hi footman.  when i had the pf i had pain in between my heel and the ball of my foot. the pain i get now is def in the heel area, slightly to the right of my heel. when i press against it i feel the pain and obviously wehni walk on it.  it is painful to walk on when i first get up in the morning or if im on my feet for a long time. as i mentiond   earlier in my post i think  it was possibly casued by wearing flat shoes with no support in them. i have started to do some aerobics but am worried about getting out running again.  i wear the same inserts as last time as they have a purpose heel area.  
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