Paris Marathon 2009

Lets get the discussion started.. 

Sunday 5th April 2009...

Be there...!!

Entries open, as always, first week in September 2008...  beat the rush for all those who don't get into London by booking your place early....



  • D'accord! * Just getting in the mood....*
  • September will be here before you know it.......   

  • Nobody here but us chickens....
  • Boing..  can't let our favorite marathon drop to the back pages...

  • Before I lose the url...

    Cheap accommodation , here . OK, so it's out at Vincennes...but it's on Line1, direct to the Start.

    * But we're all cosy on the old thread, DV. There's no chance of luring anyone here 'til September...We need some Paris-first-timers who are vaguely thinking about entering...Go get 'em! *

  • Hoping to enter with the family - but I have a few questions

    1. how easy is it to get in?

    2. do you really need a GP's cert?

    3. what is the organisation like, ie getting to the start, baggage, finish etc?

    4. Is there a good website with details? (the official website didn't seem that great!)

    any other info or comments would be very welcome.

    thanks in advance. 

  • Bonsoir, Stephan..* just getting in the mood...*

    1. Dead easy. Get in the queue at the beginning of September. 

    2. Yes...and in the presribed form. Some doctors charge. Others don't. Lots of thread chat on this. e-mail me if you want a  proforma.

    3. I think it's great but other threaders say it's nothing liike London. 

    4. mmm the official site's pretty good...but we help each other. Some threaders live in Paris...and that's a real help. What do you want to know? 

    Have a look at the Paris 2008 thread... It's full of info' and a great laugh. We're still hanging out there...until registration opens, I think. Meantime, welcome to Paris 2009!

    DV, I want to do a Tri-before-I-die. Tell me all about yours... 

  • Stephen, I mean that you can enter , online...unless you want a Preferential bib..from September. There's no ballot. It's first-come-first-served until the race is full...late October/early November, last year.

    Medical certificate must be produced before the run but you don't need it to register.

    We share info' and opinions on hotels handy for the start or on Line 1 of the Metro (  goes direct to the Start )

  • Hmmm...

    I've been wanting to do another marathon since Leicester 2007. Paris has slightly more 'appeal'...Plus I know my way around much of it....

    And I wouldn't have to fly to get there...

    Is there PB potential? Is it less congested and horrific-looking than FLM?

    You're all tempting me with this early thread!!

  • Hi Buns!

     Have done this one five or six times in recent years and it certainly has its attractions. But there's other really good ones around the same time , e.g. Monaco and Barcelona, and they also have Easyjet to take you there.

    btw.  Monaco is hilly, Barca is flat.

  • I done the 2008 race, brilliant.  Well organised, fantastic sights.  Expect to pay about £250 for accom and travel for 2 people.  The metro is as good at London Underground and easier to get around than London.

     Hate to say it the French put on a good show.

  • Hi all

    I'm thinking of doing this next year - I'm behind you guys because i can't even find the offical website - please can someone point me in the right direction .....

    Okay dumb question the £250 accom and travel - that was one night right ?....I've heard that because it has broad roads it's not as crowded as FLM .....

    So I need to wait until Sept to enter  - I'm doing the Abingdon Marathon in Mid Oct if i wait to after that to apply am i pushing it ?



  • Hello, Dave.

    Here's the 2008 site. From memory, the 2009 one won't be up 'til entries open. Again, the 2008 one was very much like the 2007 one so I suspect much of the info' will be the same. The number of remaining places will be shown on the homepage . You could keep an eye on it...

    Accommodation? Some people got good deals , nearer the time, especially if willing to travel in on the Metro. Scroll back to the beginning of this thread for a post on cheap accomodation further out. Hotels within walking distance were not too bad, either...although a quick look at current prices makes me think that everything's gone up!  * But in Paris, you pay for the room not per person. *

    I only found one the Bastille water station..but, then, walking through it suited me fine. Here's last year's thread for lots of info 'and rambling...

    Here's a video from 2007 for some idea of the route.

    See you on the Champs Elysees. *You are not going to tell me that Abinbdon has the same ring....image *

  • Thinking of entering if I dont get into FLM again.  It fits nicely in the middle of my easter hols so suits me well.  OH likes FLM (as a supporter) and prefers me to do that, I would be happy to just enter this and if I get into FLM defer but OH really enjoyed our trip to London this year and last and would be annoyed if I got in and didnt take the place.  He is happy for me to do Paris (and suppport ) if I dont get into FLM.

    What is Paris like for supporters. At FLM he got to see me 3 times (I am quite slow), will it be poss to see me that much in Paris?

  • thanks for the info - is it right that i can get in on a "made up" medical cert? anyway really looking forward to it.  Is it best to stay within walking distance from the start or is the metro/trains less crowded than the undergound/trains for the FLM.

    Really intrigued by the wine and oysters!

  • Snoop - Those other maras do sound good....except I'm a big wuss and hate flying. It's not something I elect to do. Conversely I love the train, so Paris seems ideal in the 'its abroad but there's no leaving land to get there'...

     I know a few lovely cheap hotels in Paris, one near the Gare Du Nord. Where's the race actually start from?

  • Hello, Hellen and Buuyphobia.

    H, your OH could use the Metro to see you at different point...route here  Googlemap hybrid  will show the Metro stations. It's a lovely course.He'll have plenty to look at , apart from you of course. Support was thinnest in the Bois de Boulogne.

    Bunny it starts on the Champs Elysees and finishes on Avenue Foch.

    S, I hear that some false certificates are lodged...and some rejected * See 2007 thread*...and the medical turned out quite handy for the people who didn't know they had problems. The big debate was, of course, over charges image There's lots of food on offer after 35 k...including wine, beer,cheese, sausages etc..For the brave..

    I think it's fair to say we had a good time,  hares and tortoises, especially meeting face to face in the pub afterwards. * You still owe us that drink, PP! ( Can the Scots hold a grudge or what....)*

  • howdy guys- im defo up for paris 2009. want to do it as my first marathon for my 30th.

    Entries open 15.09.2008- is that right? im doing the bristol half the day before so entering this will cheer me up after the post race blues i always seem to get!!

    As this is my first i will be asking for loads of training tips and advice- any takers?!!image 

    I shall see you all there!

  • Perfect remedy for post-Bristol tristesse, confused...

    * memo to self * Enter race using the forename you want to appear on your bib. Everything-on-the-passport was too difficult for passing strangers to shout with conviction...

  • We spent £250 for early eurostar on sat am returning mon at 1100.  Hotel for two nights.

     Recommend you all to do it.

  • Ed. D, another RW threader, has made this Running Calculator . It's fab!

    Thanks, Ed. image

  • Hello all- Hi Hellen you here too .  Hope i can join in too.

    I've been going to Paris on hols regularly since i was a child. Its my 50th birthday 8th April 2009!! what more of a reason do i need to do the marathon.  Plan is to do  the race then stay on for the remainder of the week.

    Did 2 marathons last year (EDinburgh and Elgin) and FLM and Edinburgh this year. Elgin also planned for Sept.

    Ok- a sunny afternoon - I need a cold  beer.!

    Molly XX

  • Good to see this thread come to life..    Three months until entry opens..  I wonder if it will sell out quicker this year, now that the FLM entry ballot has changed...?

  • The beer was good- so was the wine! - still Monday tomorrow .image

    Anyone got races this coming week? i have a 10K Tuesday evening. Legs are a bit like lead and ready for hols in 2 weeks time. so i dont think my time will be great .the effort might not be too great either!

    Night all.X

  • I will not be doing next years as I want to try others.  I had a wonderful experience and recommend it too you all.  Just received my certificate and a dvd (hour long of the race, lots of fun runners in it)

  • Boing....   just keeping this thread alive..   

    Entry opens on 15th Sept for a race date of 5th April 2009.

    Remember, the change in the London marathon ballot entry system is likely to cause an increase in people choosing Paris as a back-up option, so it could well sell out much quicker than usual.

  • Are you going to do Paris as part of your build up to IMCH, DV?
  • DV- just to want to congratulate you on your achievement in Nice image

    The IM France thread is full with inspiring stories!!!

    I love cycling, I am a good swimmer (need to improve my breathing though) and can run a marathon (at my slow pace!), but IM distances/ deadlines are too much for me.

    Well done to you for your determination and will-power, thanks for the report. Truly an inspiration, i would almost be tempted!
  • Evening to the people I know from the '08 thread, and hello to those thinking of doing this one in 09!

    It was my first (but won't be my last) marathon, and I loved it.

    Took no time at all to get over the start line, atmosphere was great, very few problems going at my own pace throughout, never got slowed down by crowds, great bands on the way round, a tunnel that everyone shouts in, pretty good for supporters (my OH spotted me several times!), good PB potential as it's all pretty flat, get a decent medal/tshirt/DVD/certificate. Even had massage people at the end, but I missed them!

    Also a fantatsic bunch on the 08 forum, with loads of useful advice and experience.

    Paris has the big added bonus that you just book your place. No silly ballots here. Some people had issues with the medical certificate (having to pay for, or even getting one at all) but most got sorted OK, again plenty on the thread about this.

    Dooooo iiiiit! image

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