London Marathon Tshirts?

Finsihed the marathon today, got my medal (nice) and picked up the goody bag. Once again FLM have decided that every runner is of average build and height. I'm a large frame 6'2"  and unless I want to expose my midriff the T shirt will probbaly go up for sale on ebay or be used for cleaning the car. I also heard people on the small side having a similar whinge. Surely a voucher could be enclosed in the goody bag allowing a runner to exchange it for a t shirt suitable for their size. After all, you've got a medal to show off immediately to all and sundry and I for one would be happy to wait for a t shirt that fitted.(after all, I paid for it via my entry fee) Perhaps this is why FLM are so keen to sell us "souvenir T shirts at the expo"!



  • sorry, can't agree from a tall perspective . . I'm 6'5" and just over 14st and the "one size fits all" fits me . .  and I didn't model for the shirt, honest!
  • Honestly- last year's was "too large" and this year's is too small.

    I'm just glad to have a decent run and a nice medal.
  • shirley the 100 year medal makes up for any tee-shirt gripes?
  • Ok, maybe I'm being a bit grouchy, but i know at other events you have a choice of size so why not London?
  • Seems the right size for me although I'll never wear it.  I see it as a souvenir just like the medal so it will sit in my wardrobe with the rest of my race shirts.

  • Guys you were lucky to get a tshirt - my goody bag had neither a foil sheet nor a tshirt!  And I'm a size 12 so it might have fitted! image
  • Trigger I got 2 t-shirts - you want one?
  • That's a very generous offer TM but I think the club chairman (who was doing baggage duties) took my number and was going to try and get me one!  Are they as good as last years?
  •  Nobody runs a marathon for the t-shirt....... we all run it for the medal, right?.... image
  • The shirt is pretty massive on me (5'9'', size 12, female).  My other half, who is 6'2" and an average size bloke says it's too small for him to wear to football, so you can't win.   I'm pretty happy with the medal though, although my bloke can only say "Jim has fixed it for you and you and you...." everytime I say I'm going to put it on...

  • At last one that doesn't swamp me - off to the gym to show off in it!
  • I agree, its a great race with great organisation, atmosphere etc etc

    but the one thing they never get right is the t shirts, I have 4 finishers t shirts now and they are all too big!!! Thi smust cost them a lot of money you woul dthink there was a better way of giving you a t shirt that fits.

    Maybe Im too small image

  • My size 10 mrs isn't too pleased with hers but mine will probably fit ok....guess that means I'll have 2image
  • Not one in my bag either. But then London's has usually been a crap one size fits all cotton effort
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    If you didn't have one in your bag, why didn't you just ask for another bag then and there?  The bags were just being handed out?
  • Guys - I never got one and never thought to look. Bit spaced out at the end and just wanted to meet up with my family. Was thinking of phoning the marathon office - d'you think they'd send me one?
  • It seems some of you have your own sizes about the shirts. I cannot understand why a big race like the London Marathon could provide different shirt sizes. If the Great North have ability to do this, then London might not have a problem. Regarding the shirt, this years is rubbish compared to last year. I have a few London shirts and I think this one is too plain. The medal, I agree with Rocket Man. We run it because its a challenge and to get that medal is the value of all that hard work you put in. However, when will the organisers start thinking about a new design. Every year its the same logo and it looks tacky. I look at the London medal and I`m sorry to say, the Great North and South medals are far better.

  • Mine is ridiculously huge (I'm 5ft and 48kg).  it's the only gripe I have.  I can't see why there can't be goody bags with t-shirts in a variety of sizes.  I wouldn't even mind paying a bit extra.  I ran Abingdon mara in 2003 and bought an official finisher sweatshirt afterwards - perfect fit. Still wear it now.
  • at least it's a technical top
  • 6'1 and 15 stone mine fitted perfectlyimage
  • This is a problem across the races not just FLM. I had a similar moan at Liverpool half, where they only had L and XL left. I took L and it was RIDICULOUSLY big. I'm 5'7 and a size 14 top because I have boobs, but no way could I wear it. I felt cheated. I actually would rather have a t-shirt than a medal. Wearing your medal after the race makes you look a tit, but a t-shirt (especially a tech tee) would be useful.

    Even worse than that, some smart-mouthed git suggested if I run faster, I might get a t-shirt that fits!image

    I should have gone with my instincts and smacked him in the gob.....

  • I'm 5'5" and a size 10 and I'm happy with mine. Last year's was massive, this year's is much better. I'd rather have it black again, but unless you knew what the shirt looked like last year, it wasn't immediately obvious what it was.

    This year, people could at least tell why I was walking around London today looking like I'd done something in my pants image

  • They must have been of various random sizes, mine swamps me (5'3 and size 8) however I have an overlocker and the sleeves have been put in flat so I can run it in.  Normally I ive them away to my primary teacher friend for school painting tops, but as it's wicking fabric and white (good for dark nights0) I will alter it.

    I like the plainess of it- the cringeworthy slogans of the past years make them unwearable for other reasons.

  • Way too big for me - im 5 ft 4 and a size 6-8.  It looks like a dress on me!
  • Agree with Kirsty G-

     it makes a fab dress- tie little nots in both sides and it look kinda funky image

  • As a recipient of previous cotton tees covered in Flora slogans, I must say I am delighted with this year's tee shirt.

    It is fab, excellent, ace.

    If you don't like your's please send it to me image

  • I didn't look in my bag until i was back on Horse Guards parade and I was buggered if I was walking back for a shirt at that point.
  • What are some of ya moaning about!! LOL

    The shirt is superb and is technical and be run/trained in BUT i gave mine to my GF and she looks super-hot in it!!

     I got a normal t-shirt in Newcastle GnR last year and it was garbage - supposed to be medium but more like small BUT so what...I love the fact that you can give it to a loved one to train in (Keep it/frame it with ya medal etc etc...

    I loved the technical material - i work in a london running shop and we'd charge 20 quid for that quality - it's too baggy for me buty i am still gonna wear it!! LOL

  •  I agree with many other posts on here, if other races can provide different sizes why can't London? I have 3 very nice fitting shirts from the Great South run, which I don't feel like an idiot wearing. I could wear this year's FLM shirt as a fetching tennis dress....
  • Just wondering what proportion of finishers were happy with the size of their t-shirt.

    I'd swap all the useless rubbish in the goody bag (medal,moronic packaging,horrible bars) for a t-shirt that fits or a money-off voucher to buy something you actually need and will use.

    Or maybe pay extra and have the money go to charity rater than contribute to all the wasteful rubbish you're given and end up throwing away.

    Rant over. 

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