FLM 2009

The 2008 thread is dead......Long live the 2009 thread !!!


  • Here we go Caterpillar Girl

    Now how many old faces will post here ? I am 50 this year so must mark the big 50 with a 3:30 next year. Will be hard work getting back in shape but I am determined to do it. This thread as always will be an inspiration !!!

  • This is my spiritual home so will be hanging out on here as well as 3:15 thread.

    Hope you get in this year 3:30. Anyone else.........?

  • Yep- am joining this!!!- made this mistake of predicting a 5:30 fin on my sheet and so started off in group 8 right at the back- did it in 3:49 with loads of fuel still in the tank!!!- will be hoping for a 3:30 fin 2009!!!!yay!!
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Has to be done....... I would say again, but havent got there yet...... 4 years now on here...... and down to 3:33 out of London and now 3:43 at London......

    What will be this year..... through to FLM 2009.... to which I have already applied for......

    New Forest or Abingdon in the Autumn, but sneak into the Vet cats in July...... as a V40 male.

    Oh well here goes

    Good to see new faces already, welcome Lamb and well done.

  • This is the plan if I get in, actually I put 3:27 on the form just to be different image

    Past marathon history...2004 - 4:15, 2005 - 3:45.

    I managed a 1:37:30 half marathon off 2 months training a while back.  Plan is to get under 1:35 for an HM by the years end!

  • kamoshikakamoshika ✭✭✭
    3:30 is my target if I get a place. My name's in the ballot, so keeping fingers crossed. I've done the FLM once before in 2006, and finished in 4:14:45. Was on course for sub 4 until my legs gave in at about 20 miles, and was a struggle after. Lesson learnt - not enough long runs in training! Have tried to get a ballot place for the last couple of years without any luck, so I'm not counting my chickens just yet!
  • 2009 will be the year!!!!

    Having missed again this year thank to that damed fall skiing 7 days before, it has to happen in 2009. At the tender age of 46 (in June), I will crack this 3:30. Having ovnly done one before in 2005 and managed a 3:43.03, i hope to run a mara later this year to collect my £10k in sponsorship for my charity. Not sure which one I will do as it now depends on two things - Ultrasound scan on my calf and MRI on my knee. Went to see my knee consultant last night and I told him about my calf. When he saw it he was aghast!!! Never seen bruising like it - from my heal to knee completely black....I was quite proud of it. Insisted I had it scanned as I may have also torn my tendon!!!

    So, see what comes of the next couple of weeks and then get the plans in lace.

    RFJ - New Forest......its a tough one. Very...errr.....undulating and miles 18 through 20 and 22 to 24 are murder with a capital M. Not done it but am local and have cycled around the course with my training partner when he did it in 2006. Can recommend the half though.

    Here we go again!!!!!

  • Yehay found you!
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Swayer - Did a 3:40 there in 2003..... at the time a PB in my 4th mara..... I seem to prefer undulating courses...... I see they have / are changing the route this year, hence why the entries are not yet open.....
  • Signing in.

    3:30 was looking so good for me this year until I got a stress fracture.  Have applied in the ballot so fingers crossed, although we've just found out that my wife's pregnant and due at Christmas, so even if I get in I will probably have to defer due to lack of training opportunities!

    However, if the injury heals up in time I'll be running NY in November and hoping to crack that 3:30, but I feel that this thread is where I belong whatever happens!

  • Swayer - Who are you running for?
  • Hi all, im in with 5 rejections. Will it be sub 3.30? or will it be sub 3.15? We will see after Amsterdam.
  • Only 54 weeks to go!
  • MF - was running for Naomi House Childrens Hospice. Its a charity that I hav suppored as a business for the last 5 years. Do all I can for them both personally and as a business. Managed to raise £24,000 in 2005 in my first FLM.  Was so hoping to have run on Sunday so I could personnaly hand over a cheque for £10k tomorrow night when we are with them at the launch of the Ventura. Looks like I will just have to spend some money on the auction....as long as Mrs S doesnt make me sit on my hands.

    RFJ - If you do run it, there's a place for you to stay with us before and after...although we are right at mile 18 and the chance of a sunday roast and glass of wine might be too tempting. I will be doing the half.

    Gee....I really wish I could get out for a run!!!!!

  • I'm with Macmillan, I'd managed £3,500 prior to injury ruining my FLM, most of which had already been paid via Justgiving.  Thankfully they've transferred my total over to NY, all booked now, just a case of whether the leg heals in time to train for it.
  • Chuff me Swayer, though respect with with war wound bruising, hope scan result are OK!
  • Hi all you speedy chaps.  I jsut wondered if I could hijack your thread to ask a quick question.? 

    Did any of you enter the 1009 ballot on line on Sunday or Monday, and if you did, did you make a payment?  I did  enter and they didn't ask me for any money.  I need to find out if my entry was registered or not, and I cant ge through to the office to ask.

  • Took my credit card details, said only billed if ballot entry given..........  I did as catch all as can't get through to number to see if GFA will still remain seperate entry system..........
  • I entered on Sunday and got a receipt back from World Pay. But not sure if gurantees as others (see seperate thread) also said they had an acknowledgement from the organisers. I have emailed them but not heard. A  bit of sham really. I also see that they have shut the online process for now for a couple of week as they have hit 80,000 already.

    MF - Well done on your fund raising. Great cause. At least its nice warm weather training.

    Smiffie..Mrs S even took a pic of the leg for prosperity. Sad or what. Will keep you all posted on my trials and tribulations. US scan is next Tuesday afternoon. Hurts like hell at the moment.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Swayer, Hope it heal up soon and you are back on the road to recovery... (and thanks... will see nearer the time), but when youre back up and running will come down for a run and a beer.

    They took card details, but it is a futuer payment plan, so money will only be taken if successful and or bequethed....

  • Smiffie - GFA is same as previous years. i.e. write with proof before October so maybe worth letting them know so they can free up another ballot place?
  • Nice to see a lot of old faces here ! and welcome to the new guys 1

    Since not getting in London 2008 havent posted much and my running dropped off - out for 5.5 yeaterday (with Hogmonster who should be reporting in for duty soon) and it early killed me - Richmond Half and MK half planned.

    So will be posting more frequently now

  • all being well I'm entered for the Elmbridge 10k, Windsor Half, Harry Hawkes 8 and the Kingston 16 miler before New York, got a long way to go before being ready for any of those though.
  • Thanks for the advice re FLM ballott.  good luck everyone with your next marathon.

    Looks like my entry wasn't accepted as I wasn't asked for credit card details. 

  • Seems a bit early to be talking about next year - I feel there is still to be said about this year - lessons learnt etc.
  • Your spelling is atrocious RFJ get it sorted !image
  • I assumed RFJ must have been typing on a blackberry, whilst running!
  • CG do you know when entries will open for GFA applications?

    Ahhhh RFJ are they picking on you image

    AA still retired from 2009?

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Fat finger syndrome....... my excuse and Im sticking to it.....image still its better than my handwriting.....!


    5.75 mile done at a fair lick, the legs wanted it so they got it........45:02, the first 3m all above 8mm, then just upped the pace for the last two with out really noticing it too much.

    Take care

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