Mortons Neuroma

I've just been diagnosed with Mortons Neuroma and was wondering if anyone else has had it and is there a quick fix...? The doctor recommends rest, as usual... and replacing running with cycling for a while and as a last resort possible injections of stearoids into the joint or an operation! Any ideas guys...?!


  • Hi Jill

    Have a look on:

    for some info about the condition and treatment ideas. I notice they also sell a metatarsal lift on the connected sire return2fitness which is good for pain relief in this condition.

    I hope this helps

    Heidi (Sports Rehabilitator) 

  • Thanks very much Heidi your a star!

     I'll check it out!


  • there should be no need to stop running, a neuroma is as you have probably found out so far a benine tumor on the interdigital nerve, so long as the nerve does not get compressed then you should not suffer pain.... problem most fo teh footwear we put on our feet constricts the forefoot sometimes it is just a little other times a lot.

     normal treatment for a neuroma would be in three phases, these depend on how long you have been suffering and how much pain you are in..

     1] prescribed anti inflamitory tablets, a supportive foot orthoitc  with a metatarsal raise or what is termed a neuroma plug on it [this pad must be in the correct place to be effective, shoe which does not constrict the forefoot but adequately supports the foot

    2] a series of cortisone injections 1 per week for 3 weeks plus above

    3] about 1 in 10 need to be excised [thats the surgery bit] should be done by someone specialising in foot surgery, you lose the sensation to the edges of the toes adjacent to the neuroma but the pain is not there, and in cases where surgery is required then the lack of sensation is a minor concern

    good luck 

  • Hi fellow runners, new to the site and really hoping for some advice. After trying all the usual solutions and having no joy i recently had surgery for mortons neuroma. That was two weeks ago and I'm recovering well, cant wait to get back running but but im not going to rush it.
    So I've a few questions :)
    Wondering if anybody has had surgery to remove a mortons neuroma and had success with it and returned to their previous level of running?
    Also, a big one for me right now - the numbness/loss of sensation. I was expecting it to be small area between my toes, however it seems to be my entire fourth toe. I wasn't expecting that and its a little overwhelming. Does it take time for feeling to return to toe or is that it? And if so, do you really just get used to that sensation ? Does a numb toe effect your running / gait?
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