RW's 10-week 1:50-plus half-marathon schedules



  • Hi everyone,

    I normally run 5k races (in about 30 mins), but have entered a half marathon in September, so loads of time to train.

    I'm not sure which schedule to follow though, as I've never done speedwork or anything like that before.

    Please advise!!

    Thanks, Cath
  • Thanks for the advice popsider. DId my 8 miles and feel good, reckon I'll be OK even though its just under 4 weeks.

    Cath, I too am a 30 minute 5k runner and went for the 1:50+ schedule running 4 times a week because I didn't want to delude myself I can do it any quicker and running 4 times a week is pretty much all I can fit in. I've enjoyed the schedule and it builds you up quite well. The speed sessions aren't nearly as bad as they sound and I have surprised myself by enjoying them - they are quite exhilerating and definitely have a positive affect on general runs. I wondered about what does fast mean and it really is whatever speed is right for you - I kept to a speed that meant I couldn't talk properly when doing it but that I could sustain for the required period and for each speed session on that run. Also, I find having a rest day before my long run makes it easier and having a rest day after gives me sufficient time to rest & prepare for that week's speed work!

    Good luck, Emma
  • I did the Peterborough half earlier this year my first run and got a time of 1.57( not bad since I sufered a calf injury which took time to clear).
    I'm doing the Norwich half in June and have only just found the training schedule. I'm looking at the 1.50 schedule as I don't want to overdo it.
    Should I start part way through the schedule, I'm reasonably fit and can run an hour without problem but don't do speed training.

  • Hi Col,
    I did the same when I used the schedules, and just reduced the speed sessions a touch to start with.

    1.57 for a first half is really good - I still didn't break the two hours on my second Half three weeks ago - but it IS going to go at the next one!

    Good luck
  • Stumpy, tried some speed sessions this week and bloody near killed me!
    I'm going to get in a long run this Sun 8th, and take it easy next week before the Norwich 1/2.
    I was hoping to improve on the previous 1.57 which in hindsight was a bit slow but I was a tad overcautious...1st race etc.
    I'm worried about the heat though!

  • the first week of my schedule started well - in bed ill. but i did dorking 10 on Sunday in 1.35 with absolutly no training so i am hoping this means i'll be able to get under 2 hours for the 1/2 marathon. does this seem realistic?
  • Bec, was that 10k or 10 mile?
    if it's miles, well i would say it depends on when your race is.
    If it's fairly soon I think you might be a bit optimistic!
    depends on the heat as well

    good luck
  • it was 10 miles and my race is in september so i am just starting training now.
  • Can anyone out there help? I have been following the RW half marathon 12 week plan for an under 2:00 time - up until 2 weeks ago when I was on holiday. I tried to stick to training but it wasn't always possible to get in the necessary speed and interval sessions. There are only 10 days until race day (Blackpool) and I feel that I have lost much of my stamina and strength I have built up. Should I just follow the plan anyway, or try to build myself up a bit me more, at least for this week?
  • thurgo-one... I should just go to the pub!
    I like others missed part of the plan and just picked it up part way through.
    Is it your first 1/2?

  • did the norwich 1/2 today, time of 2.01.
    It was 25'c and bloody roasting, have vowed not to run 1/2's in summer!!!

  • Well done Colin for surviving a half-marathon in such heat! and in a reasonable time too. Blackpool will be my first race at such a distance, although I have recently enjoyed a 10 miler and third of a marathon. I'll see how I feel on the day, won't push to hard at first and then will try to speed up a bit towards the last few miles if I can manage it - perhaps the euphoria will kick in.
  • thurgo-one,
    my race plan was to start off slowly, run a slow middle race and end slowly!
    Norwich I thought though was very well organised.

    good luck
  • Disabling!
  • I've only got 6 weeks to train for half marathon and am JUST up to 7 miles...any hope for me at all or should I just hope for the best?
  • Are you a new runner Roz?

    If so you could follow the last 6 weeks of a half marathon schedule for beginners and see how you go.
  • No, not a new runner, just one getting over injury...fully healthy now, just lost some fitness esp speed! Calf injuries which prevented running up anything with a slight incline!
  • I agree with Hilly, follow the last six weeks of the of the 1/2 marathon schedule and you will be fine.
    I had some calf injuries this year which prevented training ... just don't overstreach yourself in the early part of the race and do some light warming up before the race.
    Have you done a half before and if so what time?
    I was 1.57 for my first then struggled with the heat in the second. Have been training pretty hard since then and will do a 10 mile next week for the first time.
  • stumpy i have just started training for keswick . i did a 10 k over the 1/2 marathen last year and i can tell u it was hills hills and more hills so you may want to add a bit more hill work for this race .good luck and c u there .
  • I'm also planning to run my first half marathon (in Nov) and am training with this schedule. 3 weeks in and all is going well. However, which is slower "Easy" or "Slow" - I just run either of them at my regular plod, but am intrigued to know.
  • Hi,

    I have recently caught the running bug, and whilst I see the benefit of sticking to 10ks; they being shorter and all. I am hankering after a longer distance, but have not yet taken the silly stick of the marathons.

    Is there any great pearls of wisdom that can be shared. I am thinking doing my first half-marathon in October (

    My 10k time hovers around 53-55 minutes.

    Thanks in advance


  •  am training for my first 1/2 marathon and am two weeks into this schedule, but can I ask what speed I am supposed to be running at?  I do most of my training in the gym on a treadmill at 6mph, so can I ask what speed slow,timed, easy, steady, race pace will all relate to in MPH?
  • Hi all, Just stumbled onto you all while looking for some general info about the GNR. Has anyone got any advice about the morning. We're being dropped off at the start at stupid o'clock by our accomodation organizers and not really sure what to do!! As I'm sure it will be cold (possibly even a Monsoon if our great British weather continues ) what's best to wear, how do you keep warm and any other practical advice you can give. A friend suggested I get some stuff from a charity shop and then dump it. Is that race etiquette ? HELP!!
  • GXW  the paces should be related to your HR, not a MPH.   i.e. There would be no point in taking paces used by Gabriel Salasie for his training and trying to use them in yours.  There is a pace calculator based on HR on this site somewhere.


  • hi emma as i live in plymouth.. and have done plymouth since 1984 it used to be full marathons then!!

    it is a good course with just a little kick in it at 6 miles..  and a little climb at 12 miles.. 5,000 taking part this year.. also its bank holiday so you need to book a hotel early if poss!!

    enjoy the race emma.. the goodie bag is also very good..image

  • Martin have you checked the dates of the post???
  • Fortyfiver, A binbag w holes for head and arms works well. GNR is my favourite 1/2 marathon. I hope you enjoy it to.
  • Im new to running and 2 weeks into 1/2 marathon training, i live in leicestershire and wanted to know which would be a good first 1/2 marathon for me. Any suggestions?

                                     Thanks Darrell   

  • I've loosely been following this sub 1.50 half schedule along with mixing it with the sub 1.25 schedule.

    Just wondering why there are only two hill sessions on this one. 

  • That's right, the crowds make all the difference...I did the Gt North Run in 2006 and the London Marathon in 2007 and I was deeply puzzled by never covering the 'race' distance in training.

    I can tell you though, the plans work, just follow them as closely as you can and don't worry too much if you miss a day or two here and there. It isn't like saving up to buy something, you don't need the exact amount,  you need to be close.

    The furthest I ran in marathon training was 20 miles, but in one week near the end I did over 60 miles in total. I had to stop for a rest when I realised that.

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