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Apologies if this is elsewhere but I've been looking at the online entry site for 2009 and can't find anywhere to apply if you're good for age. There's no contact details on their site to get in touch with them about it. Anybody know what the score is with this or are they scrapping the good for age entry system?



  • Online entry is for the ballot only. If you click on marathon info followed by entry info you'll see that GFA entry is as usual - i.e write them a letter with a copy of your results as proof of qualifying time along with proof of identity (birth certificate etc).

    Good old pen & paper!
  • It says that I have to post this letter "by the relevant closing date" but couldn't find any information about the actual closing date. Also, I cannot find information about how to pay. Any idea??
  • And can anyone tell me whether I should submit an ordinary on-line entry while recovering and having another go so that I can achieve the GFA? Would that mean applying twice?  I presume there is no value in an early application as places are by ballot. 
  • crazylady:

    Apply for Ballot.

    Go for GFA time, if you get the GFA time, apply for GFA clearly stating you have already applied for Ballot, so to upgrade your entry(if you have been annoucned successful in the Ballot) / ignore your Ballot Entry (if not yet announced).

    I guess Ballot results will be made known before GFA closing date so no real problems.

  • Cheers Shaggy!
  • Thanks MikeB. Applying for Abingdon...
  • I think the closing date is the 7th October, but can't remember where I read i, so I'd just do it asap.

    Also  will a copy of the results page from the website do?  I assume that they can check it themselves if they're in doubt - just wondered if they needed a copy of the certificate instead.


  • The Dalek

    you don't need to send payment with your letter. By writing a letter and supplying proof of time & DOB you are in fact just applying for a GFA entry form - when you receive the entry form you'll find payment details (usually a cheque is required).


    Yes, a copy of your result from FLM website is fine.

    Closing date for applying for a GFA entry form is usually early Oct with the closing date to return your entry form approx 2 weeks later.
  • Hi ,

    I wonder if anyone can help me. I am currently 40 and got a sub 3:15 this year. I know that from age 18-41 the GFA time is sub 3:00 and at 41 it goes to sub 3:15. As I will be 41 at next years marathon, I am trying to establish whether this years time will count for a GFA entry or not?

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    I believe it is your age on the 2009 race day which counts Raymer, so yes indeed you will have GFA status. Just watch the FLM website for 'entry info' and closing dates - it is pretty much as Shaggy states above.
  • Raymer

     I am in exactly the same boat and had an email from FLM people before the race confirming it is your age on teh date you want to race that counts rather than when you did time. I did 3:09 on Sunday so now have a GFA for next year - happy days.


  • Anyone know for sure whwt the closing date is for the GFA applications?  I was looking at doing Abingdon in an effort to get GFA, but that is 19th October!  will that be too late?  The website says "byt the relevant closing date" which isn't very helpful!

    BTW have missed the boat for on-line application, it was full in 22 hours!  It will have to be ostal application.

  • In previous years, Abingdon has always been too late for GFA applications.
  • Thanks for the info . I was really concerned that I would have to have been 41 before getting the GFA qualifying time for the 41-59 age group?

  • I really think the Good for Age thing has not been thought through with the on line system. The marathon website should make it clear whether we should register on line or not. I will be really mad if I end up missing out.
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    NLR.. this is what it says on the FLM website, it reads pretty clearly to me. They have never said that you have to do anything on line for GFA or Championship places, the on line thing is for the BALLOT. For GFA you simply write to them on good old pen & paper with proof of your qualifying time..

    Good For Age

    If you are a man or woman who wishes to run in the 2009 race and who has achieved a performance that equals or is faster than the standards listed below, then write to us at the address below giving proof of performance i.e. a photocopy of the results (which must have been achieved in 2007 or 2008) and proof of your age i.e. a photocopy of your driving license or passport.

    MEN 18 - 40 2:45:00-3:00:00 WOMEN 18 - 49 3:15:00 -3:45:00
    MEN 41 - 59 sub 3:15:00 WOMEN 50 - 54 sub 4:00:00
    MEN 60 - 64 sub 3:30:00 WOMEN 55 - 59 sub 4:15:00
    MEN 65 - 69 sub 4:00:00 WOMEN 60 - 64 sub 4:30:00
    MEN 70+ sub 5:00:00 WOMEN 65 - 69 sub 5:30:00
    WOMEN 70+ sub 6:30:00

    The good for age entry system is open to UK residents only.

  • Wardi - pen and paper - not sure that will catch fangled ideas
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭
    Oh dear - I've just posted off a request for a GFA application form, and just stated my race number and time from Sunday's race as evidence. I assumed they'd be happy to check their own race results - was that a bit optimistic?
  • Wardi, I think the problem arises with people who haven't got a GFA time yet, but hope to get one later in the year.  It's not clear whether you can apply online, then upgrade if you get a GFA time, or whether there'll be an opportunity to apply for GFA after you've been rejected. 

    Mind you, people used to upgrade from GFA to championship entry, so my advice to anyone in that position would be to apply now and call them if  you get the GFA time.

    They haven't yet put up any closing dates for GFA or championship entries either, which doesn't help.

  • There's a post on the London Marathon website forum which says "I gave them a call....the good for age proof has to be submited by the 29th August", which pretty well beens that if you want to qualify for GFA you have to do it in the next six weeks.

     Too soon for me!

  • I have sent my letter off with my id and proof of time, do you know when they send out the gfa entry forms? Is it latter on in the year, or by return of post?

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Usually later in the year Geri. Did you send it by recorded delivery? That way you know for certain if your letter gets to FLM HQ.

    Dave.. fair point. Last year there were a few forumites who seemed to think that you could apply for a GFA entry form in advance of achieving the qualifying time!
  • PG - The post must be bad in your area if you've only got another 6 weeks to qualify until the end of August!

    I've been lucky enough to claim GFA for the last 3 years and can confirm the following:

    If your GFA was at FLM then you only need to let them know name and number otherwise a print out of the results is fine.

    I sent proof of age in the first year but as I am under 49, I have not bothered since and this has not been a problem.

    In previous years I have not bothered to apply until September and this has not been a problem as the GFA forms are not sent out until then (although I was nearly caught out by the postal strike so recommend recorded delivery).

    Don't panic. It will all be ok!

  • caterpillar girl - I am panicking, because I still have to get my GFA time, so need to apply for another Marathon, and need to decide which!  I don't want to try another one for 6 months, so I am really hoping to get it arranged fairly soon!  I am ringing for a Ballot form tomorrow, so I may ask if they know about the GFA entries.  I will post here if I find out anything concrete!
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