When Pacing Goes Wrong

Passed this bloke at about 7 miles in. I was a bit surprised that he was going so well, cos quite frankly - he was about twice the size of the runners around him.

Seems he went off a bit too fast - I cant even match his 10k time on a stand alone race - let alone as part of the marathon. I'm impressed he did so well.

Seems the wheels fell off a bit after that - but who can blame him.


If anyone knows if he has a justgiving account - I'd like to donate - he did bloody well to get round after that speedy start.


  • I spotted a very big (round) chap way, way up the field at 8 miles, walking and clearly very sweaty and very knackered - very, very, VERY tight charity vest on. Assumed he'd started early, but maybe not.....? Can't believe he could run 37 mins for 10K though - if so, he's well and truly put me to shame!
  • Thats the fella swerve ! He must have done it though - or else how would he have recorded times ?

    SUb 40 10k! Ok im getting there. But then 7 hours overall, the wheels went somewhere!

    RW got to find this guy. Get him in the mag. Saying that love to see him at a 10k. suprise a few racing snakes.

  • Certainly looks bona fide. I guess he could have fiddled it with a mate's help, but I can't see a reason why. He'd certainly been working hard to get where he was, whatever the story is.
  • Yep I'll agree with you that he must have been going some! I started in pen 2 of the Red start, and crossed the start line after only 15-20 secs and then saw him parked up on the side of the road at about (I thought) 6 miles or so. I'd got to that point by doing 7m27s mm pace and had to do a double take when I saw him as I couldn't work out how someone SO large had managed to get to that point ahead of me.

    He looked ready to pass out when I saw him...

  • I saw him again later on - I was at mile 22 and he had not long come over tower bridge I think ? about 6 or 7 miles behind me now ?
  • Well... using my researcher skills....

     He ran for click sargent, however i can't find him on just giving or on be my charity... all slightly strange

     But here are the photos

  • image It  takes me an hour to get round a 10k (and I'm 9 and a half stone... image)

  • Just looked at the pics and if that's him in the purple top there is almost no way he could run a 37min 10k being that size.

    As a larger runner at my peek fitness I could only manage 48 mins and I was no where near his bulk then.

    There must of been some chip timing problem at the start?

  • Good work people - and yes - I believe it is the racing chappy.

    Did he use a horse for the first 10k ? Anyone see one tethered up at the 6 mile post ?
  • 1 hour 45 minutes for the last 7km.  Brilliant image

  • A shire horse image
  • certainly didnt use my horse,  he's useless
  • He might have tried to use the pantomime camel?
  • Or maybe he was wearing healies? image
  • Maybe he intended to use a horse for the whole thing, but it's legs fell off after 6 miles.
  • I thought the wall was at 16 miles?  Surely horses should be able to jump over it anyway (cept Meldy's)
  • He doesn't have an individual Bmycharity page because he was running as part of a team - "Team Billy"


    I did a quick google on him, and the 2nd or 3rd thing that came up was "Charles Egerton - breakfast for 6". Unfortunate! (it was a prize he'd donated)

     Still, very impressive he continued. I saw him come past just before 6 miles, he looked like he was going to explode and we were sure he was going to get taken off in an ambulance.  He must have incredible willpower.

  • 37 min 10k??


    Just imagine what he could do if he lost the excess weight!

    He must have fantastic biomechanics....

  • If this is Charles Edgerton, Alan Brazil on Talksport was going on about him not being able to run a mile. 

    He is big in the Racing world, as is Alan Brazil.


  • I wonder what sort of trainers he wears. I think I'll get some.
  • I was absouletly fascinated by this report and have the utmost respect for him finishing. I would like to make the following observations:

    1 His pace for the first 10km was 6:05 minutes per mile.
    2 Had he kept this initial pace up he would have run a 2:39 marathon and qualified comfortably for the National Championships next year.
    3 Given the nature of his run it seems unlikely that he has had much race practice or structured training and must have run on natural speed and mental strength alone. One can only summise what his 5 and 10km times would be with a proper training schedule.
    4 Taking fluid on board is difficult at his initial running pace without practice or slowing down. I think it unlikely he drank much before the 10km mark. This would have included of course the Lucozade Station at 5 miles.
    5 I think we can conclude that his glycogen reserves were spent soon after the 10km mark and that any subsequent energy drink or gel was too late to make a difference.
    7 He ran the risk of serious injury and I hope the fact that he finished meant that he was not one of the 40 runners admitted to hospital.

    Again I take my hat off to him for completing the course.
  • I seem to be resident spoil sport FF, but ........................


    I saw him too at just after 6m (10k), must've been a "wheeze" with a mate (think I saw someone 'helping' him) running a super quick 10k and then passing the chip to him.  I ran 3.02 (with a negative split image ) but my 10k pb is 37.51 and I'm 11 st.

  • NFW either. Not possible. Not without the training that would naturally slim him down considerably
  • Hate to be the bearer of bad news but..... 

    My OH saw this guy - just in front of the elites - walking along sweating profusely and drinking water but had his t-shirt over his vest, with his large stomach hanging out.  This was at 6 miles - just past the Maritime Museum.   He recognised this guys stomach from the photos - he said he made a mental note to himself thinking blimey - if he can do it then so can I. 

  • We saw him at the RW aid station at Mile 17 and expressed some surprise at his physique! 

     Presumably he started at the point Jezza saw him?

  • So he was in front of the elites ?? hmmm. I wonder if he had an elite pal carry his chip over the line for him then and took it off after the 6 mile mark ? Oh well I've given to his charity - everyone in works been peeing themselves over this guy kicking my ass over 10k.
  • His first 5k split was very similar to that of mine and I'm sure I'd have remembered seeing him!

    Fair play for him doing the rest of it. I don't know anyone that size who'd put themselves through that and in such a public manner.

  • This story has had me laughing with tears in my eyes, brilliant  image.

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