Bristol 1/2 Marathon,should I do it?

I sprained my ankle 3w ago, stupidly didn't ice it, and it still hurts after 20 mins of running. I've been training for the 1/2M and still want to try it, but will it cause more problems? It's on Sept 22nd, aargh!


  • Donna - oh no !!! so what are you thinking?? how strapped can you be and still run?? urgent trip to a sports physio??
    Shame - I'm doing the Bristol half - my firt longer race than Race for Life.
    Hope you still can
  • What a shame!I really hope you can make it,but be sensible.If you ankle is less than 100% leave it,as there's no hiding places over 13 miles!You may get away with a 5k but no more,so please spend the next 2 weeks trying to rehabilitate your ankle rather than trying to put in the miles-I know this through personal experience-3 years ago I had to pull out of the Great North Run for the same reason-that hurt,as the long trip and weekend away was already organised.Good luck,but remember there are loads of other great races and theres always next year!
    Let me know how you get on!

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