Anyone Live in Argle and Bute ?

Help needed !

I maybe moving to the area soon from London - desperate to find a club - dont mind travelling 10 miles or so - overland - I know Gourock is over the water I believe but dont fancy that for club nights ! 

Any help greatly appreciated


  • This may be of some use.

    I used to live in Helensburgh which does have a running club - but a little far to travel! 

  • I want to go to Helensburgh which we were originally, my wife wants to go to Dunoon but I dont fancy it

    I ran the Helenburgh half in 2007 and know area as my in laws currently stay in Garelochead. I can see a compromise coming onn if we move. If I go aI will need to find a local club and Helensburgh is perfect

  • In that case!!!

     I would personally rather live in Helensburgh than Dunoon, but thats just me.  I wasn't a member of the running club but has good rep and all the local Halfs are good image

  • Broken Bones

    Yes I agree, when we first decided to move up I wanted to live somewhere between The swimming pool in Helensburgh and Garlecochead (this would include Cardross, Rhu, Shandon) and now my wife want to go to Dunoon, I think Helensburgh is much nicer by far - OK houses a little dearer but you get what you pay for. I really am sticking to my guns on this. To be fair its OK for my wife as she is Scottish and her mum is there - I will have no one and I work from home so I need some outlet which is my running

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