Marathon 2009

Hi - completly new to this forum and to running the heady distances of a marathon....but i want to do the marathon 2009......and have no idea where to start applying.

 Is there a form that needs to be filled in - when/how/where etc

I know (briefly) you can apply as an individual or through a charity but now sure how/where i can register my interest.

 Sorry for being such a beginner but i guess need to start somewhere.

 Can anyone at least push me in the right direction!


  • Google FLM, and read these forums
  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Gillian, if you want to apply in the ballot for a place then go to this site on Monday 21st when the remaining ballot entries re-open   Enter the site and go to the 2009 entry page.

    If you want to enter via a Golden Bond charity place then you have more time to find a charity to run for.  Most charities will ask that you raise around £1500 to £2000 for them though.

    Good luck.

  • Thank cinders.....very helpful g x
  • There are lots of other marathons..  the one in London is not the biggest, nor the best....!  (IMHO..!)

  • DV - agree it may not (or may be - depends how you measure it) be the best - but surely it has to be the biggest in the UK at least. And one of 2-3 biggest in world.

     Gillian - think the liklihood of getting in through the ballot is normally 1 in 6. This year there will be about 10-20,000 extra ballot entrants so likly that might be to be even worst this year - maybe 1 in 7 or 8.

    therefore if you really want to run it would suggest you start contacting some of the charities that you support / feel strongly about and sign up for agold bond place. You will need to show how you can raise the 1500-2000 pounds required.

    Good luck - the FLM is awesome and a great one for your first marathon

  • 1 in 6 - someone told me it was 1 in 3 (but he did it a good few years ago!!!) 

     blimey its all so daunting....yeah i know there are other marathons (I have one quite local to me) but i would love to do the flm - always wanted to - been running for a couple of years slowly building to 5k 10k half a marathon etc etc......oh well i will see what fate brings i guess!!!!!

  • Tracey GTracey G ✭✭✭
    Gillian - some people get into FLM first time, but some like me have been rejected 3 times.  What is your local marathon?
  • the bungay marathon. (norfolk)
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