Cardiff try-a-tri

Hi, is anyone in Forum land doing this?  I'm very tempted but have never done one before so have no idea how it all works!  The swimming is in the pool so I'm guessing they don't chuck all competitors in at once for a big free for all ... or do they!? image


  • PP

    My clubs event. Won't be doing it cos im staying out of pool events this year. Basicly you guestmate a time for the swim. You then seeded. Either fastst swimer 1st or slowest swimer 1st, do your lenths, jump out, find the bike and go for a ride then finish of for a nice swim.

    Prop be a marshal!

  • Yes Marshal!

    Novice event would get a rocket for entering!

  • Hi PP, I'm doing this too, it'll be my first tri!! Are you local??
  • Go for it Pingu pongu!!! I did my first tri last september. It was a sprint distance and was in the pool. the good thing about the pool triathlons is that because you are seeded in the pool nobody can tell when you are on the bike or running where you are coming overall!! so you can basically come last with no one realising! It's great fun. Have you got all your kit and bits for it?
  •  I'm doing this too, it'll be my first tri!! image

    HE he he he he <evil cackle>

  • Be nice TTimage
  • "My clubs event"  TT???

    Does that mean you have actually been swimming then? image

  • NamNam ✭✭✭
    he's not filled in the forms yet but it's already "his club"... image
  • hmmmm

    Now you or I could legitimately say "my club".    Interlopers!!!  huh! image

  • Nam forms have been sent and acknolged!

  • Cheers for that.  So how about the bike bit.  Is it on road or off road.  I did a road race duathalon last year on my mountain bike.  I won't be doing that again!

     Hi Hope, I'm about 30 miles from Cardiff, so not that local really, but my sis lives up the road from the FF leisure center if that counts.

     TT why stay out of pools!?

     Ok, another question, how long would you expect to take on something like this.  16 lengths 5-10 mins?  Bike 16km (I have no idea) Run 5km 25 mins ???

  • Jamma, just read your post.  Kit bits?  I have a swimming cossie and a mountain bike and a brand sparkly new pair of trainers.  Go on, educate me! 
  • I'm not the best swimmer but just find pool tris not for me. I like the openwater.

    30 miles from cardiff? Valleys somewhere?

    Timing. Swim get in and swim it, A you can do the distance B you got a time. Bike average speed on a road bike or MTB with slicks is 16MPH so 16 should take about, 50 minutes then run add a minute to your normal run time due to "dead" legs coming from the bike.

  • MTB

    Get slick tyres, and if front suspension lock out the front folks!

  • PinguPongu

    what I meant was, have you thought about what you'lll wear. I wore a swimming costume with a pair of cycling shorts over the top! (beginner stylee!) then in transition I chucked a vest on which I cycled and ran in. I did loook like a beginner of course but it's ok if you actually are a beginner!!! I didnt want to go and buy loads of bits if It was going to be my only one. I had issues with the whole "how do I get my sports bra on" issue!! I've since bought a tri suit which is great because you can swim cycle and run in it and its a really supportive bra top inside the top bit. If you think you'll do more I'd definitely invest in some tri gear.

    I was really nervous when I did mine but it really is enjoyable. where near Cardiff are you?? 30 miles East West north??

  • NamNam ✭✭✭
    I offered to marshall this one... image
  • Oh god, I hadn't considered the whole sports bra thing!  They're hard enough to get on without being soaking wet.  What are the options here?  Buy the kit or struggle to put one on whilst getting on a bike and trying to retain some dignity? image

     TT I'm PontyPool area.

  • Do it PinguPongu

    It will be great  its going to be my first one and i'm really getting excited     just got to sort out how to swim and I'll be fine...

    Discovered though that as a member I'm expected to marshall so if I take part i've got to find a marshall to do my duties...........

    Looking hard but so far only come up with my 12 year old son

    Will think about what to wear next week..

  • Pingu put it on under your swim costume then just pull on a pair of shorts and vest and you are good to go on the bike! 
  • Oh and take some talc for your feet
  • Cheers everyone, this is just the sort of thing I needed to know (and feel silly asking) ....

    So Hope and Seren, you're both planning to do this and are first timers?  Cool!  I feel much happier now  image  .

     Seren, did you do FLM, I'm sure I've seen you on the Forum?

  • Pebble 2Pebble 2 ✭✭✭

    I've done this event twice, its perfect for a 1st event. You will do the swim in heats, with 2 or 3 per lane with a 10 second starting gap between each person. Your heat should contain people of similar ability, this is done by grouping you according to your estimated swim time.

    Pool etiquette requires you to move to the side of the lane when you reach the end of the length if you feel someone tickling your toes and likewise if you start tapping the feet of the swimmer in front, they should move over for you. 16 lengths, dont worry if cant swim them all in one go, you can rest at the end, have a breather and go again. Most of all enjoy!!

  • Yes i did FLM and looking for a new challenge now...... a think the three different types of training will be healthier for my knees.....
  • Yes, that's what I was thinking, might get my speed up a bit on the shorter distances too.  I had to do loads of swimming instead of running for FLM because of a dodgey left knee, don't know what I'll be like on a bike.  Do they allow stabilisers ?
  • The swimming is my biggest problem

  • just found this old thread by mistake.


    totally forgot / didn't realise later that Hope, myself and iron Pingu popped our tri cherries at the same event........

    even with our rusty hybrids and MTB'simage and the fact that the biggest of my worries was the swimimage

    i had only just joined the triclub to learn how to do crawl.............and the 12 yr old son i took to marshall instead of me turned into the just turned 17 yr old son who crewed the double for me............4 years on and somethings haven't changed........apart from the 3 of us went on to be ironmenimageimageimage


  • Haha, just read back on this!!  I didn't do Cardiff tri in the end, did Hereford as my first tri slightly later in the year.  But how lovely to read back on our tri wibbles and now look what we've all achieved!!

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