does anyone else feel really sick the next day after a long run??


  • Not the next day but I do a few hours after a very long run or after some other form of extreme exercise like a 2 hour Squash session for example. I get a bad headache and generally feel cold and nuseas. People have said it's dehydration but I drink loads to try and compensate. Also always have a big breakfast but it still happens.
  • Not me, If I run a half mathon realy hard then I sometimes have a bit of headache in the evening but sick, no.
  • Not the next day, but once or twice I've felt pretty rough later on the same day - I'm pretty sure it was down to dehydration on the couple of times it's happened to me, even though I thought I was well hydrated and drank plenty afterwards.

  • I think one of the important things with re-hydrating is making sure you don't just gulp down a load of fluid straight after running, and then consider yourself fully hydrated and not have anything further for a while.

    The body can only re-hydrate at a certain rate, so a lot of this fluid will just go straight through to your bladder.  It's better to always keep some drink handy, and take regular, frequent sips over a period of time.

    You'll notice from your wee whether you're still dehydrated or not (it should be pale in colour).

    I sometimes feel very cold and headachey, and often need a nap in the afternoon after a really long run, but I find I am better, and feel less fatigued, if I re-fuel as soon as I can after the run, and then have something else to eat at regular intervals (say every two hours) afterwards.

  • It may be an exercise induced headache you're experiencing. I used to get it quite often. It's something to do with the nerves at the base of your neck I think. It leaves me feeling sick with a blinding headache but my quack gave me some tablets for it and I don't tend to get it as often now. I also need to eat at regular intervals to keep the headaches at bay, even though I don't always feel like eating after a long run so I start on milkshakes and work my way back to solids.
  • Yes, I'm actually feeling sick now. I did a long run the other day and I didn't feel right when I was in the middle of it. Now I feel exactly like a previous poster said; I've a headache, feel 'cold' and feel generally run down on the inside.

    I'm really glad you posted this thread as I've also got some good advice from it. I never really think of rehydrating to be honest, I only ever drink when I feel thirsty - I never took any water with me on my long run and I guess I'm feeling the after effects now. I'll make sure I drink plenty before, during and after my next run.

    Thanks to everyone who contributed.

  • Its not just about getting rehydrated after a long run but also refulling, you should eat within 60 mins of the run to start to replace what you have burnt off in the fat stores, this can also cause exercise induced headaches
  • Hi there, I feel for you as I get REALLY sick after long runs or intense exertion during shorter runs..

    When I come in I feel okay, then 15 or 20 minutes later 'sea sickness' or 'morning sickness(!)' sets in, all the colour drains from my face and I feel truly horrendous for quite some hours. I am always well hydrated, I eat as soon as I come in to try and combat it, but the only thing that really helps is lying down and eating toast, which with two young children is, sadly!, not usually possible (the lying down, not the toast bit image).

     No answers I'm afraid... I'm a 'travel sickness, motion sickness' kind of girl anyway so I wonder if it's just susceptability.

  • Nope - never feel sick after a run next day.  However, I do notice the tendency to benefit from a rest day, or at least a variation, from running.  So maybe cycling, swimming, or whatever

  • Thank you to everyone who has replied.  Thought I was the only one. Defo sounds to me like a refuelling issue. guess i was always concerned about drinking too much as you hear scare stories about drinking too much.  Must find a happy medium.  Eat a couple of gel bars during a 3 hr run the other day and drank loads for few hours when I got back and the 'ill' feelings weren't nearly so bad.

     Tis good to know there is a solution.

  • Eat plenty a couple of hours b4 heading out and have a sarniewhen you get back, plus a drink. Have a sleep too, I always want to fall asleep after a race or long run! Just 30mins-1hr will make you feel much better. I think some people have a more sensitive constitution and an hour or 2 of jiggling your insides around might make you feel rough for a while.image
  • I do about 20 miles every Sunday and then for Monday and Tuesday will feel like I have a bit of a cold. I haven't really worked out how to avoid this yet, and am experimenting with my nutritioning post run... any advise?!

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Another thread back from beyond the grave. 

  • Big 'ol smoothie? Toast & beans?

    People who get wobbly in the hour after a run might be finding their blood pressure dropping - that's why big races often spread medals etc out so that you keep moving after the finish, to cut down the number of green-faced fainters/vomiters image

  • Glad this one has been pulled back from the grave because I have experienced this a couple of times the day after a long run and put it down to hydration because I didnt drink as much as I normally would after a run when it happened. I felt so bad I thought I was getting a bug, but it lifted after half the day. Glad it is not just me.

  • .......Not that I wish it on anyone else...just nice to know my body isn't freaky deaky image

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