Iroman South Africa Race report

OK South Africa is a long way away but Slummo and Jan decided that we would give it a go and what a great decision it turned out to be. This is the best Ironman I have done , great course, wonderful race organisation  and a really friendly. CHEAP AS CHIPS, 2 Brit winners and easy walk to race start and finish We flew out of Manchester – Amsterdam – Cape Town (stayed in Hotel at airport s we could walk to and from the terminal , actually paid a porter £1.50 to push the bags for 10 minute walk) Following morning flew to Port Elizabeth with Kuala air  Arrived PE weds lunchtime for the usual pre race hoopla .. checked bikes and took them out for about 30k on the bike course .. all well Thursday registered , 60 k Bike round a long flat loop less than 500 m climbing in total loop but windy , Friday swim round loop of course (already marked and with helpers to look after your bags on the Beach while you swim… everyone we met associated with the race was great and really pleased to see foreign athletesSaturday rest and prepare nutrition, In true pirate fashion we decided to switch to hammer Nutrition and go self sufficient on race day .. Something new for race day sorted transition bags and strolled down to transition at 16.30 just a 5 minute walk We woke at 5 am had breakfast in the room and strolled down to the race start,( it had been raining and the road was wet) the lack of drama given by walking to the race is fantastic we arrive at 5.45 with plenty of time to faff about  wetsuits on and a walk onto the beach. The usual tension before the gun/fun but the sea was smooth a huge relief as this was our first IM sea swim The gun goes and we hit the water 17c so great for a wetsuit swim ..mayhem at 1st bouy only 450m out and the swim pack hits a standstill. The sighting on the course is straightforward as you can see land for 3 of the 4 turns and the practice loop was really helping, I hit the beach 1 loop done in 37 minutes , the second lap was wonderful, just a swim to the bike nice clear water easy sighting and it was all going rather well .. hit the beach in 1.14 pleased with that all very controlled . Walked up the sand to make the most of the crowd and keep heart rate under control. You have to change in the tents so some extra time gone here but it was all pretty relaxed  The bike turns right out of transition and along the sea front roads still wet and after about 1k you turn left up a short hill which drags out 14K to rise 186m its easy but the wind is straight into you … down on the bars, and stay there we both knew this was likely to be a breezy course so lots of turbo rides on the bars and getting my set up right.Refereeing on the bike was safety focussed and relaxed, I had a few chats cycling side by side if a ref came past he would wave us over but no penalty after the long drag the road drops fast straight descent to a turn round at about 25k you then turn with the wind and fly the road drops out to the coast for some of the most spectacular ride scenery imaginable and after 40k its quick all the way into town 1.56 first loop 2.00 flat for second and 2.10 third loop I GOT LAPPED by a French pro Rider who was flying he has a 4.18 bike split in past and was looking to crush this but punctured a few K ahead … no one else went past so he must have had a huge lead PUNCTURES … I saw loads of them the rain had lifted the grit and tales of multipunctures were rife Jan stopped to help a German Pro ( bike tool shortage,) and got her tool back as he passed her again a few K down the road


  • I had used Perpetuem and endurolytes the whole race so only picked up water at the aid stations but they were really well run and hand offs were smooth (apparently all the volunteers had been through training as to how to hold the bottles Hit the run in just under 7.30 the crowds in town are amazing lots of cheering and there till very late 3 laps of what shows to be a very flat course ..Ist lap is great and I see Steve Bayliss and Bella Comerford who both went on to win and gave them a shout, lots of cheers for the pirates the MC at the front knew who we were and got the crowd going. After 23 K I catch Jan who is 9 K into her run we do about 7 K together then I push on there are some small hills and it’s a bit dull up by the university but 9k of the 14k route is lined with cheering crowds. PE really lives up to its name as the friendly city.5.20 for my run and a total of 12 .53 not bad but I still need to learn to run. The chute is great of course and we are welcomed as part of the “world famous pirates triathlon team”  Everyone gets a massage (rub down ) but no showers unless you go onto the beach .. good food and drink in the tents all done again with a huge smile from the volunteers After I fed and watered I went out on the course to Find Jan who put in a big run down the chute … hyper nutremic again … she really needs to work on electrolyte intake but finished in 16.15 Fed and watered we went to the finish line party to welcome the last athlete home, picked up our bikes and bags and walked back to hotel. (another athlete 10 30 finisher carried Jans bags for her ) The following evening we went to the awards ceremony over 1000 people there UNBELIVABLE chatted to people we met on the course and had a great time  WE want to go back and are planning 2009 it is a greart place to Race helped by fact everything is sooo cheap when y0ou get there  Rough Costs Flights £640Accomodation in 3* B&B with kitchenette £35 a  night within 5 mins walk of race start for 2 peopleMeal for 2 inc 2 beers £15In summary if you are looking for a long distance long distance race this one is GREAT and definitely the best we have donePaul and Jan 
  • Well done both of you.

    Sounds like you had a great time. 

  • I was waiting to hear and glad you had such a good day, Done Two Oceans so know what you mean when you say how friendly the people are.
  • Excellent report Slummo, well done to you both, sounds like a race id quite fancy in a couple of years.
  • Well done to you both image  great report!
  • Nice report guys  image
  • Pebble 2Pebble 2 ✭✭✭

    Good effort both, rest well and cu around the racesimage

  • Sounds fab.  Well done both of you. 

  • Nice work you 2, sounds like a good trip. No mention of any Sharks? Or are they all swimming to Nice ready for a Piarate feast?
  • Good one both - you've really sold that too!  Fabulous report, thanks! image
  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    Great report and good racing too, but Slummo you really need to get that run sorted or Eccentric will be beating you soon... ; - )
  • nice report, looking at this for next year now then lol
  • I'll second that, you've convinced me, will put it on the list. Great racing and great report.
  • Thanks guys

    Debbo I was laready worried about eccentricbeating me sohad to pick an easierrace but we will seehow we go at world long course in August for the GB/ Ireland Duel

    SA will be great next year and we are both coming back foranother crack at this race

    Slummo and Jan

    No sharks seen at PE but we did a shark dive in Cape town ... 4 big great whites including 1 over 4 metres .... see you soon guys we are coming toNice to cheer.

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