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Has anyone out there purchased the Nike+ SportsBand?  I have and it's driving me crazy.  Have sent numerous emails to Nike - but they can't seem to get their head round the problems!  Just wondered if there was anyone else who has been daft enough to purchase one and if so, are you having problems?


  • I have one and it's working fine.
  • Please please tell me how you managed to get it to work?  I just can't log in at all.
  • Have you downloaded the manual from nikeplus to make sure that you have what you ned to get started? eg. Windows XP Home / Professional etc.
  • Yes I have  - downloaded the Utility too - I can log in if I go via Mozilla Firefox - the US Internet Explorer but that does not load any runs.  It is just so frustrating - I have now lost patience in it and will get my money back next week. The Retailer I bought it from is just as fed up as he can't get it to work either. Not a good advert for Nike at all!  But I'm glad you have one that works.
  • Sorry for the hijack but I'm thinking of getting one of these (thinking a bit harder now I have read about your experiences Gladys1146!) - does anyone know if it works OK with a mac?
  • Gladys, it is really important that you download 'Nike+ utility software' before ever plugging the USB into the computer, otherwise the computer will load it as an unidentifired drive and it will not work

    It is supposed to work with a Mac ~ requires built-in USB, Mac OSX v19.4.8 or later.

    KirstyF, you can visit the nikeplus site & download the manual following this link:
  • Thank you FairyFeet!
  • You're welcome!
  • Fairy Feet, thanks for all the comments - I did download the software before plugging in the Utility believe me!!  I am fairly computer literate and have tried everything to no avail - such as removing the programme and re-installing etc. etc. but nothing appears to work. Nike London did tell me they were having problems and asked me to have patience!!!!  Well my patience has now run out and it is being returned.  Shame really as it will be a good running tool when it actually works as I am sure you are finding out but enough is enough and I have spent many hours now trying to get it to work and I have now reached the end of the road with my patience.
  • Gladys1146, sorry to hear that you've had so many wasted hours with this; it is a fun piece of kit and I do know quite a few people who have it up and running with no problems  Perhaps yours is just faulty but I can really understand the frustration...£40 is not cheap either.

    Good luck.

  • At last after a phone call from Nike in the US, my problem has been sorted. It would appear that I have to use Firefox as my web browser as there is a bug in the UK Internet Explorer that is causing some people the problem. I did this yesterday and yippee - it worked. Only one problem though, it has lost 5 runs I have already done!!! Nike said that unfortunately they are now in cyber space somewhere!!! Oh well, never mind - at least it's now working and I won't now be returning it.
  • I'm so pleased for you, Gladys1146, as it is a fun piece of kit. Happy running image
  • Works very well with a Mac, the little nike+ logo even appears in the menu bar when the usb is connected.

    Easy to record runs with, and discrete little armband, just shame it doesn't light up the display in the dark.

    Another problem I noticed is that with the MacBook the USB thing is too bendy to fit into the slot if I have the 'puter on my desk (most of the time), so I need to use a little USB extension lead.
  • Hi

    I bought one of these and ITS DRIVING ME NUTS!!! does anyone know how to calibrate it properly? I have tried 3 times on a track (different days/runs) to get a useful run.  When I connect it to my PC it doesn't come up with any runs to calibrate.  Its not even close - I ran 1200m today and it showed that I had run 630m!! 

     Grateful for any help before it goes in the bin.

  • Slaphead, I'm having the same problem. None of my 6 runs come up when I hit the Calibration tab. It was 0.5 miles short on a 13.5 mile run on Sunday, so I'm keen to get it set right. The thing also won't take the correct time from the PC; shows up ok on the screen, but the stick itself doesn't change to the correct time.

    Any ideas anyone?
  • Deany

     Glad its not just me.  Ive just reset to factory settings and am going to try again tomorrow.  Couldn't care about the clock thing at the moment (got the same problem) just want distances/pace sorted

  • Hello All,

    I'm looking a purchasing, but I don't use Nike shoes.

    Can you use any shoes with the foot pod or do they have to be the Nike designed ones?
    If you can use any shoes, how is everyone attaching the pod?

    Many thanks
  • I don't use Nike shoes either. Google ipod pouch or something similar, or look on Amazon under ipod accessories. The one I use is Marware. It attaches with velcro rather than having to be threaded through the laces; easy to move to a different pair of shoes. Very secure and stable. About £8 inc postage if I remember right.
  • Slaphead, accurate calibration with nike+ sensor is almost impossible...  if you look on the forum pages on nike+ it is full of posts on calibration issues, both for the nike sport kit & SportBand. Have you seen the calibration tips on the FAQ below..

    I didn't calibrate my SportBand but as I use it as a fun, motivational tool I'm not too bothered when I know that I've run 3.4 miles and it tells me I've only done 3.2 or vice versa.

    Deany,  I had difficulty setting the time also but just kept trying ~ I think I set manually in the end rather than computer settings,but make sure that you click 'Done' before disconnecting. I've also got a feeling that it didn't set until I'd uploaded at least one run. Mine has kept the correct time since.

    PaulR,I don't use nike shoes but use these:      It is important to try to make sure that the sensor is as flat as possible on top of your shoe, and the right way up!   I don't run in heavy rain eitherimage

  • FairyFeet

     Thanks but already seen it.  The problem I have is that is showing no runs to download/calibrate.  I've followed the guide to a T without success, I don't really expect it to be 100% accurate either but I would like to try and have it closer than the 50% that it is at the moment.  VERY frustrating.

  • Thanks All for the replies,

    I have pulled the trigger on the Sports Band and a SwitchEasy for the pod. I will see how it goes compared to my Suunto T6 which recently gave up on me!!

  • Hi all

    You can sort the time out by setting it manually 8 hours ahead on the Nike+ utility!

  • Does anyone know which shops are stocking these? Specifically in the Sheffield area?
  • Shaun:

    They have them in sherunsheruns (Near WHSmiths) in Meadowhall if that helps...

  • Brill - I'll pop in after work tomorrow. Thank you!
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