travel sickness advice

poor Kid B was very sick on a two hour flight after taking Stugeron (which has always worked for me)

any better tips?

she's 9 btw


  • Try Seabands- you put them on certain pressure points on the wrist to stop sickness. Worked on my son who couldnt travel 3 miles in a car before throwing up.Most chemists have them.Good news is he grew out of it.

    Also ginger is supposed to help if she can tolerate eating.drinking- ginger biscuits, flat ginger ale, candied ginger etc.

    Used to suffer badly as a child myself so she has my sympathies. The only thing that worked for me was having a really good meal before travelling, seemed to line my stomach & keep everythng down.

    Good luck.

  • thanks


  • Only thing that worked for me was my dad lighting a cigarette in the front of the car. I know, not a good idea but it stopped me throwing up.

    I used to suck barley sugars and found that reading helped, I think I got so absorbed in the book I forgot i was moving. Oddly I was only sick in cars and buses, never on trains.

    I grew out of it by about 16. Good luck, and keep the plastic bags stuffed with newspapers handy!

  • tbh is prob my "fault" - am sick on everything - even trains if I go backwards

    but the drugs work for me

  • Another vote for the Seabands - I am ill if I'm a passenger in a car for more than 20 mins or so, and on all other forms of transport, and the Seabands work a treat. You have to remember to put them on about half an hour before you travel, though. I mostly solve the car one by always driving image  - but you can't do that with planes, boats, trains etc!
  • Also would not recommend Kid B solving things by driving.  Yet.
  • It might help if Kid B rides in the front seat.......................................

    Might be tricky on a plane though! 

  • I have those acupressure band things and they do help.  Also, you can get ginger in tablet form if she doesn't like eating gingery things. 

    If I try and do anything (e.g. read a book, play a game) whilst travelling I'm bound to throw up; looking out of the window is a must.  And (it sounds stupid but it does help) if I start to feel a bit queasy, really concentrating on the view and the fact that I'm moving even if it feels like I'm sitting down is actually quite helpful.  So, in a car, I'll be sort of reciting in my head left, left, straight on, up a hill, right a bit... Not sure how that'd work in a plane, though!

    The one thing about travel-sickness pills that might help, even if they don't stop her from feeling sick, is if they make her drowsy.  I mean, travel sickness is basically your brain getting confused about whether or not it's moving, which isn't likely to happen while you're asleep.  So there wouldn't be any harm in encouraging her to ake a nap if she feels like it.

    She has my sympathies!

  • I stilll suffer at the age of 43!!

    Never start the journey hungry, but avoid chocolate immediately before travel.

    Watch the horizon while travelling if at all possible (window seat/ front seat of car). Never ask her to map read.

    Alcohol in small quantities helps!

    Don't ever ask her if she's OK whilst on a journey- once you start thinking about it, it's almost bound to happen!!

  • I heard recently that sitting kids on newspaper stops them being travel sick.  No idea whether it's true, or how it works.  I've been very lucky with Little Mint, he never gets travel sick.

    I used to get travel sick, particularly if I tried to read in a car.  I still don't like travelling on coaches or in the back of a car. 

  • try sitting on a bit of news paper it may or not work depend on how old you i suffer with bad travel sickness and would like some tips if anyone has any 

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