Hogsmill Ladies 5

who's in?





  • at this rate i might get 3rd prize
  • Cake cake cake cake cake and a run bargin!
  • Me too, please! (but that shouldn't affect your 3rd prize, Bobbis)

    I'll try not to get lost this time ...

  • bobbis

    And cake cake cake image

  • I entered on 17 April via this site and still don't have my race number etc. The email address for enquiries doesn't work (!), there's no contact telephone number and when I try to send an enquiry to Epsom Allsorts  from their web site, that won't work either. I think I'm doomed not to run this one! I was looking forward to it as well! image
  • Lalli - I've just received my number in the post this morning. I'm sure yours will turn up too. But even if it doesn't turn up, I'd be very surprised if you couldn't pick up a number up on the day.

  • Lalli

    You have mail image

  • Busy day at work, so just back on! Thanks MOTR - yes, mine came in the post at lunchtime. Really glad as looking forward to it.
  • Wot - no results after a week!
  • Results

    Sorry for the delay

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