Asics 1120

Has anyone gone from wearing asics 1110 to the 1120?  If so did you have any problems?  I'm finding that one of my hips and knee (just one side) is feeling a uncomfortable when wearing the 1120 but no problem at all when I have my 1110's on.  No other obvious reason for this i.e. runs are about the same length, pace etc.  Advice would be appreciated.


  • 2120s and 1120s are stiffer than 2110s and 1110s and many runners didn't like them (so did I). Asics made some mistakes making these shoes but corrected their mistakes in 2130s and 1130s.

    I've got a pair of 2120s, fairly similar to 1120s. I can't run in them although I had run happily in 2110s and 2100s and I don't even like walking in them, so much they're trying "to fix" my gait.
  • Thanks for that mtbrDot - are the 1130's the latest replacements for the 1110's then?  The 1120's were replacements for my 1110's (my 4th pair of these with no trouble).  Am hoping to get to running shop to have gait analysed again in the not too distant future so maybe I should just stick with my 1110's till then and use the 1120's for gardening/walking the dogs!!
  • yes, they are.
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