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Hello, hoping someone might be able to give me some advice. I started running around 6 weeks ago, and am really enjoying it. I'm still very much a beginner, but hoping to be fit enough for a 5k soon. I have slightly weak ankles and I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to strengthen them? They don't cause me too much of a problem as I only run short distances, but sometimes when I'm walking, my right ankle has a tendancy to turn over. I'm hoping to build up to longer distances over time, but given that running has a lot of impact on ankles, I'm just wondering if there's any exercises I can do to get then a bit stronger and hopefully reduce the risk of injuries.

Hope this isn't too silly a question image


  • try some balancing exercises,  stand on a rolled up towel on one foot for so many seconds and progress for a longer time and then eventually to closing your eyes ... good for strengthening and for core stability.

    Also when you are sat down in the evening,  draw the alphabet with your toes this employs all the  range of movement and will help strengthen the tendons

    running off road will help once you are more stable

  • Not sure on the exercise front but a good place to start might be a pair of socks with ankle support (acts like a tube grip cross band) with added support you might be less likely to turn the ankle and do further damage try X socks around £10 in most good sport shops. I'm a new runner and was given this advice yesterday in a running specialist shop as I have broken 1 ankle 3 times, should be worth a try!!!

    Mercy xx

    and go for the 5K did my first 1 last week with no training and now I have that bench mark to try and better, just finishing feels great !! 

  • Thanks for the advice - will definitely give all of those things a try.

    Mercy - well done on the 5k! I'm looking to do one on 31st May. I can only run a mile so far without needing to have a walking break, so I don't think I'll be fit enough to run the whole thing by then, but like you I'm going to use it as a bench mark to try and get better. Are you going to do any more races?

  • Have you had your gait analysed?  A sufficiently supportive shoe is a good start.  Have you ever seen a podiatrist?  It's possible you're hypermobile.
  • For sure have a real running bug now have done 20 miles so far this week and plan to run 6 on my treadmill tonight!!! the thought of say that at  Xmas would have finished me off imageas I had been a 20 a day smoker for 10 years and the only exercise I took was jumping in the car to buy more fags lolimage

    Because I didn't train for last weeks race I didn't do as well as I would have liked (bit of a perfectionist!!!image) so I'm following a 8 week 5K intermediate  training plan (got off the net) to see if I can do better next time so | need to find a race in 3weeks time for a half way test then one in 7weeks to see if the training worked!!

    am wanting to then step it up to 10K's and then you never know I might get brave and try a half marathon image but for know I will settle for dropping at least 2mins off of my PB (well not sure you can call a first race result a PB , but hay ho!!)

  • Try standing on one leg for up to a minute with the knee slightly bent (don't worry if you can only manage a few seconds to begin with)

    You can do this on a flat surface to start with but then you can progress onto uneven surfaces/wobble boards

  • ?? image ?? wrong thread?
  • Nam - will definitely get my gait analysed. Just checked some out some of the stores they recommend on this site, and one of the Runners Need ones is about 5 minutes from my office. Will definitely pop in tomorrow. When I started out, I just got a pair of running shoes in my size - I didn't know about the whole stability/motion control etc. It still confuses me a bit, but hopefully I'll get there in the end!
  • Oh, and mercy - if it's your first race - of course it's a PB image
  • You will image
  • Nam - completely unrelated (and possibly stupid!) question - what does the "Pirate" thing mean that comes up next to your name when you post? I've seen a few people have it around the site and it's been puzzling me.
  • It's the Runnesworld triathletes. image

  • I thought running was tough - but triathalons are a whole different category. Don't think I'll be becoming a pirate anytime soon image
  • thats what they all say    image
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  • Hi Lisa-Marie,

    Sound like we have the same problem. Ankles keep going over and it flipping hurts (Sorry for the bad language) Going to try the towel thing and the alphabet thing m.eldy. Should the letters be capital letters or lower case? lol


  • it was mentioned before... a wobble board will really help to strengthen your ankles.  as will standing on one leg.  You should be able to do a minute on each leg with your eyes shut.  Tyr it tonight in the shower....
  • Thanks Pit Stop Crew.

    I don't have a shower, could try it in the bath i suppose.


  • Another silly question I'm sure. Where do I get a wobble board from?

    Hey, that's why I post in the beginners forum. I don't know this stuff yet image

  • Oh, wait. Just realised the post above linked me to a site selling and explaining them. Ignore my last entry please!
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