Non-DOMS muscle soreness

I've been following a beginner's programme (again) after getting up to 10k last autumn followed by an enforced break. I've just reached the point where I am doing 30 - 40 minutes continuous running, albeit slowly. My last run was on Wednesday last. On Thursday I started with moderately severe muscle pains, aches and soreness that started in hips and thighs, but is now mostly in the quads and shins, with the left leg being much worse than right. My runs last Monday and Tuesday were identical to the previous week's, and I didn't do anything else to provoke DOMS. I've felt quite well in myself and have not suffered any other symptoms of a viral infection.

Does anyone have any idea what might be going on here? Is it just old age and decreptitude?


  • Could be a cumultative effect if you're running on consecutive days. Muscles aren't gettng enough rest and repair so they're already tired.
  • I mis-wrote Siance., sorry.  I meant Monday and Wednesday. My usual running days are Mon, Wed, and Sat.
  • Is is possible that the myokymia has been irritated but at a low level that you are not aware of?

    Suggest resting (obviously) until it settles  image

  • I guess so, Mrs. P. It's certainly very irritating... image
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